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Team building and recreation
Organization of corporate parties

One of the important components of the company's social culture is the organization of corporate events. In essence, a detailed event is a marketing tool necessary to achieve certain goals. Namely:

  • team cohesion;
  • the ability to quickly adapt to new employees;
  • creating a favorable climate among them;
  • discovery of the abilities of employees, their character in a non-working environment.

By holding a corporate party, the management thus makes it clear to all employees that the development and success of the business largely depends on them. At the same time, the company demonstrates to its competitors the well-coordinated work of the team, a positive attitude. In addition, such rest and relaxation helps to create a friendly atmosphere among employees and increase their efficiency.

In the list below you can get acquainted with various variations of the themes of the holidays, but if suddenly none of them suits you, we will organize your personal one and prescribe a separate program for it.

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In this category, we offer ready-made thematic solutions for the holidays.

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How corporate parties are held, their types

A corporate event is one of the best ways to say thank you to the staff for the excellent, well-coordinated and efficient work throughout the year. Summing up the results of the year, celebrating achievements, and setting new tasks is simply impossible without a break, a pause for the Corporate Party! :)  A party among colleagues should be bright, filled with a fun, relaxed program, a memorable event of the year. A script for the evening is drawn up, contests, nominations, gifts, quests are thought out for the type of your company. 

We create a truly Festive Atmosphere of your Holiday, and we take care of all the organization, worries and fuss. And you shine at your evening, and relax! After all, it is the time spent together, emotions that fill the team with new forces, good memories and a charged mood for the whole next year. Trust the experience of our company and recharge your batteries at the noisiest party of the year with us!

A corporate party is not necessarily a feast that can be organized at work or in a cafe. There are several types of events. A corporate event in Kiev or any other city can be held in the form of such events:


master classes;



role-playing games;

sports competitions.

It is also held on the occasion of public holidays, the date of foundation of the company, high achievements in the enterprise, in order to advertise its product.

How to organize a corporate

Any event requires preparation. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a plan for its implementation, taking into account the following main points:

  • Decide on the goal and objectives, which may be several. For example, during a corporate party dedicated to the founding day of the company, you can set certain tasks for employees aimed at more fruitful work.
  • Place and time of the corporate party. It is not recommended to hold it on weekends and holidays, as employees often want to spend them with their families. An exception is if the management invites employees and their family members to the holiday. Corporate parties can be held in an office, restaurant, country house, conference rooms, recreation centers, pleasure boats, etc. In many ways, this depends on the main task and features of the event.
  • Theme and design of the event. In this case, everything depends on the desires and fantasies of the management: you can organize a costume event by creating a certain dress code, come up with contests, games, karaoke, etc.
  • One of the important points at corporate parties is the choice of the organizer. You can conduct it yourself by entrusting this matter to an employee or contact a company specializing in such events.  Such services are offered by Day Night agency Its employees know everything that needs to be done in order for the holiday to be held at the highest level, they will think over every little thing, taking into account the requirements and wishes of customers, following a carefully thought-out plan in advance.