повітряні кульки для гендер-паті

Gender reveal party

хлопчик чи дівчинка

The best thing about gender parties is the long-awaited determination of the gender of the future baby. Therefore, the scenario and format of the celebration can be diverse and interesting!

The dream of all parents

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is finding out if you're expecting a boy or a girl, and a gender reveal party is a great way to get friends and family involved in the event. If you are planning to find out the gender of your baby and announce it before it is born, now is your chance to create a unique and completely individual gender reveal event, whether it is for you, your best friend or relative. With this new chapter of life on the horizon, we're making party planning as simple and seamless as possible.


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Thank you for choosing your future bundle of joy! We are thrilled at the prospect of helping you create a unique moment when you reveal the gender of your baby to friends and family.


Let's have a celebration that reflects the joy and anticipation in your hearts as you await the arrival of your baby!

We understand that a gender reveal is an incredibly special moment for expectant parents, and we are here to help you create a memorable celebration that will bring joy to your family and friends.

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your baby! At Day&Night we organize magical gender parties created especially for you.

Our experienced team is dedicated to creating an event that is unique and special, just like your expectations and desires.

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With Day&Night at the helm, you can immerse yourself in the celebration without worrying about anything and enjoy every moment in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

While you're looking for those precious, fleeting moments to turn into lasting memories, we also recommend experienced photographers and videographers who can capture the joy and emotion that defines these important life events.

At Day&Night Agency, we are committed to providing unrivaled service and creating your most important memories. As you step into the exciting world of parenthood, let us create a magical event for you! Start planning your masterpiece with us today!

Organizing a gender party from the agency Day&Night

Determine the right time:

The optimal planning for a gender reveal celebration usually occurs mid-pregnancy, from about 18 to 20 weeks. This timeline allows you to rest comfortably before the birth of your child and other subsequent holiday events.

Select opening technique:

There are several strategies for determining your baby's gender. Favorites include cutting the cake to reveal colored filling, popping balloons to release confetti of specific colors, or using colored smoke or fireworks. Choose a technique that suits your taste and fits perfectly with the theme of the celebration.

Topic selection:

Create a themed concept to give your party a unique and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Beyond the usual pinks and blues, consider inventive themes. Incorporate your theme into invitations, decorations and favors for guests.

Set your budget:

Setting your budget early is critical. This helps you make informed decisions about the venue, decor, food and other party components, ensuring you don't go overboard.

Make a guest list:

Determine the number of guests taking into account the limitations of the selected space. Send the invitation in advance, ideally 3-4 weeks before the celebration, to get replies from those invited.

Venue decision:

Consider whether your home, a rented space, or an outdoor area is the best location. Consider factors such as the number of guests, meteorological conditions and the atmosphere you want to create.

Decoration plan:

The decor should reflect your chosen theme, using harmonious colors, signage, inflatables and centerpiece placement to echo the opening theme and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Customize the menu to suit the time and length of the meeting, ranging from full meals, buffets, appetizers or desserts. Make sure you offer non-alcoholic drinks and cater to your visitors' dietary needs.

Disclosure of agreements:

Contact your ultrasound technician to keep the gender information in a confidential envelope or ask them to disclose it to a trusted friend. The opening element (cake, balloon, etc.) should be prepared in accordance with the chosen opening technique.

Document the experience:

Entrust the task of photographing or recording the defining moment of the discovery to the person in charge, ensuring that magical memories are immortalized and shared with friends and family.

Guest Thanksgiving Tokens:

Consider handing out party memorabilia or favors as a gesture of gratitude for your guests' participation in the celebration. Personalized trinkets such as mini bubble bottles, cakes or custom cookies are great choices.

Celebrate with fun:

As the party unfolds, soak in the joy, enjoy the company of your guests, and enjoy the festive moment together. The main goal is to spread joy and anticipation among your near and dear ones!

Trust the agency:

This is how you can relax on your holiday and get maximum pleasure.

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