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We will create for your kids a good fairy tale populated by your favorite heroes and full of amazing adventures !!!

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Happy faces of children - we organize an unforgettable holiday

There is nothing in the world more important to parents than children. These little fidgets sometimes occupy all thoughts and every loving father or mother wants all the best for their child. This also applies to such an event as a children's holiday. Usually it's a birthday. Every child looks forward to it. He wants to receive gifts, communicate with friends, just be happy. It is not surprising that parents try to do everything possible so that this holiday brings only positive emotions and remains in memory for a long time. But not everyone can organize such an event on their own. And even despite the fact that many ideas are offered on the World Wide Web, it is not always possible to translate them into reality. For this there is not enough time, experience, knowledge, fantasies. There is a way out - contact an agency that provides such types of services.

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We will turn any child's dream into a real fairy tale

Day&Night agency specializes in organizing festive events. It is very important to plan everything correctly in order to take into account the smallest nuances, to exclude boring pauses. The holiday should be easy, unobtrusive, in an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, fun. Your children will go on exciting and funny adventures together with their favorite fairy tale characters. The organization of children's holidays in Kyiv includes many stages. For example, in advance you can:

  1. Prepare some pleasant surprises right in the morning. Let the child from the first minutes of his awakening feel the world of miracles and magic. But first you need to discuss with the specialist of the agency the tastes and preferences of the child. As a surprise, you can arrange a gift search for notes. It always works, children love such quests.
  2. Come up with a holiday theme. After all, parents, like no one else, know the hobbies of their child. Children's birthday can be very different: pirate, space, in the style of a favorite work.
  3. Prepare invitation cards in advance. For each guest, this should be a special, creative invitation in the form of a letter or postcard. It's also a good idea to specify a dress code here. They can be handed over by an animator - a specialist of the agency.
  4. Consider a venue for the event. You can organize it in an apartment, house or cafe. The main focus should be on entertaining children.
  5. Prepare the play area - it should be safe and spacious.
  6. Decorate the room, all also taking into account the tastes and preferences of the main hero of the occasion.
  7. Think over the menu and decoration of the festive table. It largely depends on the size of the room. For example, if you put a table against the wall, you will free up more space for games and quizzes. Or you can allocate a separate room where the most interesting things will happen.

Do not forget about such an important moment as photos, videos. After all, they will be a constant reminder of a great time. Parents can do them themselves or use the services of a professional, who will also be provided by the Day&Night agency. Well, the final stage will be a festive cake with candles! It is good if at the end of the celebration each guest receives a small present that will bring a lot of positive emotions. With the specialists of our agency, your child will feel happy!