дети в футболках тикток
Children holidays

"Blogger Party" Tik Tok Party

In today's world, children are very fond of making and sharing different videos on social networks, especially TikTok. In light of this, we have created a unique and original TikTok style party. Our goal is to create a stunning and stylish holiday with a beautiful atmosphere.

During the TikTok party, children will have the opportunity to relax and have fun, even participating in a dance battle between boys and girls. Children will immerse themselves in the world of tik tokers, the world of music, likes, and views in real life. Riddles, tasks that require a logical approach, will be useful for children. In general, this will be a grandiose holiday that every child who participated in such a cool and exciting event will like and appreciate!

детский праздник в стиле тик ток

For children from 8 years old.

Duration: up to 2.5 hours.

*The cost is formed depending on the number of participants, and additional programs and props may also be included. (balloons, soap bubbles, show programs, piñata, gifts, themed costumes, face painting, etc.)

from 5500 UAH

How to plan a Tik Tok-style holiday

The first step in planning a successful Tik Tok kids party is choosing a date, time, and location for the event. When choosing a seat, we must consider your child's best interests, the number of guests, and any specific preferences. After we sort out the logistics, we need to dive into the fun part: the details of the party.

Tik Tok party invitations and decorations

A good party starts with attractive invitations. Create custom Tik Tok themed invitations with app logo, popular hashtags and vibrant colors. Be sure to include important details such as date, time, location, and information to respond to the invitation.

Then our task is to focus on creating a festive atmosphere with Tik Tok decorations. Choose a color scheme that includes the app's signature colors, such as pink, blue, and yellow. Hang banners, streamers and balloons to spice up the space. You can also create a backdrop using popular Tik Tok hashtags or printouts of your child's favorite bloggers for an interactive photo booth.

Tik Tok party games and activities

Entertain your party guests with a variety of fun Tik Tok games and activities. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Tik Tok Dance Challenge

We create a dance zone and invite guests to learn popular Tik Tok dances or create their own numbers. We will ask the children to divide into teams and ask each team to learn and perform the popular Tik Tok dance. Encourage creativity and originality by letting them come up with their own dance moves. We will award the best performance with a small prize. Make sure you have a playlist of popular Tik Tok songs to keep your energy high.

Tik Tok Trivia

Test guests' knowledge of Tik Tok trends, influencers and issues with a fun quiz. We offer small prizes for correct answers.

Tik Tok video booth

As an option, we will equip a special space with props and costumes so that guests can create their own Tik Tok videos. Encourage them to collaborate and share their creations on social media.

Tik Tok Lip Sync Battle

Need to create a list of popular Tik Tok songs and let kids choose their favorite song to sync. We can even provide props and costumes to enhance their performances. Crown the lip sync champion at the end of the event.

Tik Tok Scavenger Hunt

Hide Tik Tok style items in the party area and have the kids find them. This may include items such as Tik Tok logos, Tik Tok popular phrases, and other Tik Tok related objects. The child who finds the most items wins a prize.

Tik Tok Party Costumes

In the world of Tik-Tok, there is no specific image for a tiktoker. All social network users try to look bright and unusual in order to attract as many subscribers as possible. The same dress code rules will apply to the party. It is necessary to wear unique things to attract the attention of guests. For adults, it is recommended to wear jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers and shorts. For teenage girls, you can make bright makeup with sparkles and cool hairstyles, and for boys - bright accessories. By the way, girls in kindergarten will also like this makeup.

Party Menu

The party menu should include a variety of trendy dishes that the kids will love to capture on camera and post on Instagram. We recommend ordering the services of visiting molecular cuisine to amaze all guests with an unusual serving of dishes. You can also order an off-site show of bartenders who will teach children how to make non-alcoholic cocktails and hold a master class on serving drinks.

Confectionery corner

Creating a birthday candy bar is a great idea. Guests will be able to have a snack with sweets, chat and take beautiful photos. As for the topic of Tik-Tok, there are no hard and fast rules. You can use blue, red and dark blue colors, the Tik-Tok logo, and also make inscriptions with interesting hashtags on the background or edible like cookies. Toppers will look original in desserts and muffins with the theme of the social network.

Birthday cake

An exclusive cake is essential for any celebration. Make your child happy by decorating a cake in the style of Tik-Tok. On the surface of a sweet dessert, you can depict a photo of the birthday boy and the treasured figure of several million subscribers, who will definitely appear in his account with hard work.

Gift in the style of Tik-Tok birthday

Here are a few gift options for a young tiktoker that will definitely not leave him indifferent:

  • ring LED lamp;
  • neon light; set for bright makeup;
  • new gadget;
  • insta zone;
  • new outfit for filming


For a children's holiday to be held at the highest level, careful preparation is necessary. If you are planning to organize a children's party, we strongly recommend that you seek the help of professionals.

Day&Night is always ready to help you. Just call us at +380503797374 and tell us what theme party you want to host, and we'll get to work right away!

After all, we love to make the holidays unforgettable!