мальчик в шляпе ковбоя с сестричкой
Children holidays

"Cowboy Party" far west

A Western style party will not leave anyone indifferent. Life in the Wild West is full of adventures, and we have a unique opportunity to invite real cowboys to the holiday, and even transform into cowboys by wearing cowboy hats. There will be flashy gunfights, chases, shooting from the sheriff's gun, we will saddle a horse and travel across the prairies and dance to country music. And for dessert, the guys are waiting for sweets from a real cactus ... wow, how mesmerizing!

Duration: up to 2.5 hours.

*The cost is formed depending on the number of participants, and additional programs and props may also be included. (balloons, soap bubbles, show programs, piñata, gifts, themed costumes, face painting, etc.)

from 5500 UAH