Piñatas have become an integral part of children's parties and holidays around the world. Originating in ancient China, piñatas were used during the Lunar New Year to bring prosperity to the coming year. The tradition subsequently spread to Europe, where it became popular during the Christian period of Lent. Spanish conquistadors brought the piñata to Mexico, where it was enthusiastically adopted and integrated into local customs. Today, the piñata has become a symbol of fun, excitement and childhood memories. They are a joyful part of the holiday, in which both children and adults can take part, enjoying a fun, competitive game.

пиньяты для детей

Piñata for a children's party

Children are crazy about this entertainment, because who does not love sweets? A piñata at a children's party is an unforgettable adventure! After all, the sweets collected with your own hands seem twice as tasty! You will give the kids sincere fun and great mood when you contact us with a smile and hurry up to order a piñata for a children's celebration. Forms can be very diverse: from a ball to an animal figurine, a cube or an oval. The main thing is brightness! The more saturated colors, the more attractive for children. If the question arises how to hang a piñata without the possibility of hanging, don't worry - we have found the solution. Usually two animators hold the toy if hanging is not possible. An energetic, exciting, fun and enjoyable children's event is sure to delight children's birthday guests. Today, not a single celebration is complete without this emotional game with prizes and gifts. You can make several piñatas, divide the children into teams and arrange exciting competitions with a wonderful reward - sweets. Children will definitely be delighted, appreciate the surprise at 100% and express their gratitude to you.

Popular piñatas for children's parties


Unicorn Piñata

The unicorn piñata is a favorite among kids, capturing the magic and whimsy of these mythical creatures. A unicorn piñata with a colorful mane and golden horn will add charm to any party.

Unicorn piñatas are a fantastic addition to birthday parties and fantasy-themed events. They can be easily paired with other unicorn decorations and party favors to create a cohesive and magical experience.

Paw Patrol Piñata

Featuring favorite characters from the popular TV show, PAW Patrol piñatas come in a variety of designs representing different puppies such as Chase, Marshall and Skye. They are perfect for young fans of the series and can be decorated with a child's favorite character.

Paw Patrol piñatas are a great choice for themed birthday parties or other show-themed parties. Parents can host a Paw Patrol scavenger hunt or an obstacle course to keep the party fun and interactive before the big piñata arrives.

Minecraft Piñata

Minecraft piñatas are inspired by the popular sandbox video game with iconic elements like Creeper, Enderman or even Steve. These piñatas are a great choice for gamers and can be customized to include various in-game blocks and items.

Minecraft themed parties are a great opportunity to have a Minecraft piñata. You can organize a hunt for in-game items like diamonds or emeralds and use Minecraft-style utensils and decorations to create an immersive experience.

Mickey Mouse Piñata

The Mickey Mouse Piñata is a timeless choice that features the iconic Disney character that has entertained generations. With its recognizable silhouette and vibrant colors, the Mickey Mouse piñata is sure to appeal to guests of all ages.

The Mickey Mouse Pinata is perfect for Disney themed parties, birthdays, or even a trip to a Disney theme park. Pair it with other Disney character decorations and party favors for a magical and unforgettable holiday.


Llama Fortnite Pinata

The llama piñata is inspired by the popular battle royale video game Fortnite. This llama-shaped piñata features the game's signature vibrant colors and whimsical design, making it a fun addition to any Fortnite-style event.

Incorporate the piñata into your party by throwing a Fortnite Llama themed party, complete with in-game items as party favors and decorations inspired by the in-game landscape. Install game stations where guests can play Fortnite and compete in friendly battles before breaking the piñata.

Piñata "Frozen"

Piñata "Frozen" has an icy, frozen heart, symbolizing unrequited love or the idea of "cold blood". The unique look of this piñata makes it an intriguing addition to any event.

Use it along with other themed decorations like ice sculptures or frozen treats to create a chilly atmosphere that fits the concept of "coolness".

Piñata Mignon

Minion piñatas are inspired by the cute yellow characters from Despicable Me and Minions. They come in different designs, featuring different characters like Kevin, Stuart and Bob in their iconic glasses and overalls.

The minion piñata is a great choice for a Despicable Me or Minion style party. Include other minion decorations like dishes and balloons, and plan activities like a minion hunt or a "banana relay race" to keep guests entertained before opening the piñata.

Piñata Angry Birds

The Angry Birds piñatas feature colorful and whimsical birds and pigs from the popular mobile game and movie franchise. You can choose a piñata designed in the shape of your favorite character such as Red, Chuck or Bomb to add some playfulness to your event.

An Angry Birds piñata can be the centerpiece of an Angry Birds style party. Organize mobile app-inspired games like building and breaking blocks, or create a real slingshot so guests can launch plush Angry Birds toys. These activities can help build anticipation for a great piñata.

Discover the best way to enjoy the game

1. Before the game begins, give each child a holiday bag of gifts, preparing them to put the treats into their individual bags. Pro Tip: Based on our extensive experience watching piñata games, we recommend having a supply of treats to share with younger players after the game is over. This ensures that even if the bigger, faster kids get most of the trophies, no one gets discouraged (and it helps prevent tears).

2. It's time to arrange the participants. As an observing adult, you can determine the order in which the players take turns. Generally, allowing the younger children to go first will ensure that everyone gets a chance to hit the piñata. (Be careful, as some older children can break a piñata surprisingly quickly.)

3. During your turn, blindfold each player (except the smallest ones), spin them around you three times, and give them three attempts to hit the piñata with the stick provided. To prevent accidents, make sure other participants are at least 4.5 meters away from the person holding the stick. If the piñata remains intact after each player has made three moves, restart the game with only two moves per player. If the piñata is still intact, offer each player one move.

4. To increase the challenge for experienced participants, have a volunteer manipulate the piñata's rope. Raising and lowering the piñata when someone tries to hit it adds difficulty for experienced players and is a lot of fun for spectators.

5. After the piñata has been successfully broken, ask the spectators to wait until you count to 10 before they swarm around to collect their prizes. This gives the last player enough time to remove the blindfold and safely discard the stick, preventing accidental injury. (However, be prepared for the fact that the crowd may not wait until you finish the count).

Choosing the Perfect Piñata for a Children's Party

When choosing a piñata for a children's party, consider the following factors to ensure an unforgettable experience:


Choose a piñata that matches the theme of the holiday. Popular options include superheroes, princesses, animals, and cartoon characters. Pair the piñata with decorations and party invitations to create a harmonious, visually appealing atmosphere.


Piñatas come in different sizes, so consider the number of guests and the space available for play. A larger piñata will hold more treats and entertain more people, while a smaller piñata will be more suitable for a cozy get-together.


Traditional piñatas are made from papier-mâché, but plastic or fabric options can also be found. Choose the material that both durable and easy to break, providing a satisfying experience for the participants.

Filling Your Piñata with Delicious Surprises

The excitement of the piñata lies in the sweets and surprises hidden inside. Here are some ideas for filling a piñata at a children's party:


Individually wrapped sweets are a classic piñata filling. Choose from a variety of sweets such as chocolate, marmalade, lollipops to cater to different tastes.

Small toys

Add an extra element of surprise by including small toys such as bouncing balls, stickers, temporary tattoos or mini puzzles.

Healthy snacks

For a healthier option, consider adding dried fruit, granola, or packets of nuts and seeds.

Personalized Items

Create an unforgettable experience by including personalized items such as key chains or pins with a child's name or party theme.

Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Piñata Experience

Follow these safety tips to ensure a memorable and safe piñata experience for everyone involved:

Define a safe zone

Designate a designated area for piñata play, ensuring a safe distance between spectators and the bat or stick swinger.

Use a soft stick or bat

Choose a light, soft bat or stick to minimize the risk of injury. Activity Supervision: Have an adult present to supervise and assist while playing with the piñata.

Set the rules

Set rules for the participants, such as waiting their turn and not rushing after fallen sweets until the piñata is broken.

Alternative Piñata Ideas for an Inclusive Celebration

For younger kids or kids with special needs, consider these alternative piñata ideas to ensure an inclusive celebration:

Piñatas with threads

Instead of a bat or stick, the participants take turns pulling strings tied to the piñata.

Just one strand will release the treats, adding an element of surprise and excitement.

Fabric piñatas

These soft, reusable piñatas are designed for younger children and can be filled with light treats. Participants take turns pulling the fabric loops until sweets fall out.

Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt-like game by placing small containers of treats throughout the party area. Provide participants with hints or maps to help them find hidden treasures.

Integrating piñatas into various celebrations

Piñatas are easily adaptable to suit different holidays and celebrations:


Choose a scary piñata theme like a ghost or a pumpkin and fill it with traditional Halloween treats like candy corn or spider-shaped marmalade.


Choose a festive piñata design like a snowman or Santa Claus and fill it with seasonal treats like candy canes or chocolate coins.


Create an egg hunt with an egg or hare shaped piñata. Fill it with chocolate eggs, jelly beans or small toys shaped like Easter symbols.


Piñatas are a timeless fixture in any children's party, providing an immersive and interactive experience for participants of all ages. By choosing the right piñata, filling it with delicious surprises, and providing a safe and inclusive environment, you can create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.