аниматоры для детского праздника
Children holidays

Programs with animators of popular cartoons

Children's celebrations are full of surprises, but a quality program is already half the success. We are pleased to offer you an extensive selection of copyright programs with animators for organizing children's birthdays and other festive events. All our programs with animators are developed taking into account the age characteristics of children, the interests of the birthday boy and the wishes of the parents. Animators at the holiday is a simple and reliable way to make an unforgettable gift for your children.

Cars, Masked Heroes, Robocar Polly, LOL Dolls, Minions, Fixies, Peppa Pig, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Trolls, Paw Patrol, " Masha and the Bear, Little Pony Unicorn, Spiderman, Ninjago, Superman and Catwoman, Beyblade, etc.

The list of our costumed entertainers is very extensive and we will be happy to consider any of your requests.
For each theme, our animators have their own unique program, which includes games, contests, tasks, competitions, storylines according to the chosen theme/cartoon.
Your child will truly feel like the hero of a favorite fairy tale, and such a birthday will be truly unforgettable.
Duration: 2 hours.
*More than 2 hours of work, the cost is formed individually.
You can also include additional props, balloons, soap bubbles, aqua grime, show programs, etc. in the program. Calculated separately.

from 4000 UAH

Programs for children with animators

An animator at a children's party is a specialist who ensures that children are engaged in various activities and fun, creating an atmosphere of joy and merriment. Without an animator, guests may be scattered in different corners of the room, absorbed in their gadgets, and the overall festivity may not take place. The animator plays the role of a wedding host, overseeing the course of the event. They invent diverse games, organize quests or masterclasses, serve cake, and announce break time, filling the air with jokes and amusing stories. Often, animators portray beloved characters from fairy tales and cartoons to further excite and delight the children.

Whether it be a graduation party or a child's birthday, the festivities will become brighter and more entertaining with experienced animators. The Day & Night agency will make your celebration unforgettable, providing the opportunity to meet the heroes of beloved cartoons or embark on a journey through a world of magic and wonder that will delight children of any age.

Unique programs from professionals

Do you want to ensure that the animator you book through the Day&Night event planning agency will be a true master of their craft? Our animators know how to turn your celebration into a vivid spectacle filled with fun and the joyful laughter of children! An experienced children's animator will create a program tailored to your child's interests and be able to captivate the attention of young guests. You need only select a theme for an exciting story.

Unforgettable emotions and impressions

A program with animators for children is always a unique performance, where the birthday child takes center stage. Our artists know how to make the celebration truly unforgettable, easily creating an atmosphere of wonder and magic both outdoors and inside a cafe, restaurant, or children's room.

To ensure your complete satisfaction with the party program, a professional animator will offer a variety of options for children's entertainment - something to suit every taste. You can choose between thematic shows featuring beloved cartoon characters, scientific masterclasses, fun quests, or creative activities.

In summary, an animator at a children's party plays a crucial role in creating an atmosphere of joy and merriment for all guests. Thanks to the professionalism of the animators at the Day & Night agency, your celebration will become an unforgettable event filled with bright emotions, impressions, and happy moments for your child and their friends.

Our popular programs


Pig Peppa Pig is a lively heroine from a well-known British cartoon that has won the hearts of the world, including Ukraine. Incredibly active and mischievous, Peppa never experiences boredom. She is always eager for adventures that often happen to her. Her cheerful character and agility help her easily get out of any troubles. Peppa is very curious, her day is full of games and entertainment, but she also strives to learn new things and explore the unknown. In general, Peppa engages in everything that little boys and girls do. Peppa has no problem making friends with children and will not let anyone be bored. Are there any children who would refuse to spend time with the active Peppa?


The popular superhero Superman will fly to the children's party with a particularly important mission. As we know, he not only possesses supernatural strength and endurance but also excellent leadership qualities. The superhero came from a distant galaxy to assemble an unbeatable team of young heroes who will dare to stand up against alien invaders who dream of destroying the Earth. The kids will go through an exciting training program. The super boys will learn to fight bravely, run fast, handle weapons skillfully, decipher the enemy's secret messages, perform complex tricks, and, of course, think strategically. Real super girls must possess the same qualities, and therefore the Cosmic Lady herself will train them. The heroes will tell the children that even an ordinary person can save their home planet, the main thing is to be brave and strong-willed. They will teach not to abandon friends in trouble, to take care of loved ones, and to be attentive to others. Each participant will feel like a real superhero who does not back down in the face of danger and always defeats evil. The Superman animator for a birthday party will bring along a loyal assistant: the Cosmic Lady, Batman, or another super comrade.

PJ Masks

"PJ Masks" is a popular Anglo-French animated series based on the works of French author Romuald Rachello. It first appeared on screens in late 2015. The plot revolves around a trio of preschoolers endowed with unique abilities that only manifest at night. During the day, they are just normal kids who love to play, socialize, and have fun. However, when night falls, their pajamas transform into heroic costumes, and they become real world saviors.

Paw Patrol

Ten-year-old boy Zack Ryder, known worldwide for his resourcefulness and courage, has won the hearts of children everywhere. He leads a team that saves Adventure Bay from trouble and danger. When city residents encounter problems, they turn to an unusual rescue service - the Paw Patrol. The team is made up of puppies of various breeds, each with unique abilities. They are eager and able to help people and animals in need. Difficult tasks are no obstacle for them because their love for the world around them has taught them to create technical devices, thanks to Zack, a specialist in this field who quickly develops new devices for the patrol's efficient work.


Minions are charming and amusing yellow creatures that can bring positive emotions not only to children but also to adults. Minions at a children's party guarantee a positive atmosphere and a banana mood! However, they don't just come to the party for food. They have a special mission from Mr. Gru. The task of his tiny helpers is to find the recipe for the most delicious lollipop on Earth!

The Minions thought about it and came to the conclusion that children are the best at sweets and lollipops. They will definitely be able to invent the most delicious lollipop. For this, the guests bring everything necessary: sweet ingredients, forms, sticks for lollipops, joy detectors, suitable music, several fun tasks to establish communication with children and stimulate genius ideas, as well as countless super-secret techniques for a magnificent party.

Minion animators for a birthday will organize spoon battles, colorful battles, candy-eating competitions, hide-and-seek games, dances, and karaoke singing. And, of course, they will help prepare the Lollipop with a capital letter for Mr. Gru.

Robocar Poli

You can order the most fun animator Robocar Poli for your child's birthday party. From the town of Broom, funny and kind rescuers will arrive to you - the fearless police officer Robocar Poli and his loyal companion, kind-hearted ambulance and beautiful Amber. The thorough dispatcher Jin directed Poli and Amber to the children with an important mission. There was a call that at the children's party, the kids could face various dangers lurking at every turn. Upon learning of this, Poli and Amber immediately went to the party to teach children how to avoid trouble. They will teach children the rules of the road, tell them about different types of vehicles, organize a sports relay with road signs, and conduct a search for a suitable garage for Robocars. At the end of the event, they will perform the anthem of the rescuers of the town of Broom with the party guests.

Masha and the Bear

The mischievous Masha and the kindest Bear have long won the hearts of not only children, but also their parents. You can invite animators in the roles of Masha and the Bear to your celebration, both as a pair and separately. Masha will happily congratulate the birthday boy/girl and arrange fun holiday antics, and the Bear will tell riddles and teach how to draw beautiful cards. The program includes entertaining games, dances, songs from the favorite cartoon, a salute of soap bubbles, balloons, and gifts made from balloon-sausages for each child. The animators Masha and the Bear for a birthday party are a great surprise to create a festive atmosphere!


Fixies are small creatures that live in our world and take care of making sure that technology and devices work properly. These little heroes have become popular among both children and adults. Now you have the opportunity to invite them to your child's party!

Our animators, dressed as Fixies Nolik and Simka, will come to the party to make it bright and unforgettable. They will show children how important it is to take care of the environment, teach the principles of various devices and conduct fascinating experiments. The program includes interactive games, toy repair master classes, and outdoor activities. Fixies animators for a birthday party are fun, informative, and interesting!


Barboskins are a cheerful family of cartoon dogs who have become favorites of many children. Thanks to their funny adventures and life stories, kids learn to make friends, communicate, and help each other. And now these adorable characters can visit your child's party!

Our animators, dressed as Barboskins, have prepared a variety of games, contests, and tasks for young guests. Together with the children, they will search for treasure, learn to dance, draw, and much more. Barboskins animators for a birthday party will provide a fun and joyful atmosphere for all party participants.


Call us right now! If you are planning an unforgettable party for your child, our animators are always at your service. We offer various show programs adapted for different age groups and children's interests. You can order an animator by contacting us by phone, email, or through the feedback form on our website. Don't miss the opportunity to make your child's party bright and unforgettable!