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Children's birthday

Welcome to our Children's Birthday Page! We are happy to help you organize an unforgettable and fun holiday for your little one. Our event planning team specializes in creating unique and exciting birthday parties that match your child's interests and preferences. From themed decorations and interactive activities to delicious treats and party favors, we take care of every detail to ensure you and your child have a fun, stress-free vacation. Contact us today to start planning your child's perfect birthday party!

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Choose your theme

We at Day&Night Events believe that choosing the perfect theme is the key to creating a truly memorable and enjoyable birthday party for your child. That's why we offer a wide variety of themes to choose from, ensuring your child's party is tailored to their unique interests and personality.

Whether your child is obsessed with unicorns, loves pirates, or dreams of being a superhero, we have a theme to make their day special. Our team of experienced event planners will work with you to select the perfect theme and create a party plan that includes all the necessary decorations, activities and treats to bring the theme to life. A wide selection of different themes for children's parties is presented here.

For the little princesses in your life, we offer a range of adorable themes, from classic fairytale princesses to modern princesses with a twist. Our parties include everything from princess costumes and tiaras to tea parties and royal crafts.

If your child loves superheroes, we offer a variety of dynamic themes that will take them to their favorite superhero universe. From Spider-Man and Batman to Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, our superhero parties include exciting activities like superhero training and villain battles.

For little pirates, we offer an adventurous pirate party with treasure hunts, pirate costumes and pirate-themed treats. And for unicorn lovers, we offer a magical party with crafts, unicorn-themed snacks, and even a “real unicorn”!

Plan your activities

Whether your child loves sports, arts and crafts or games, we have a wide range of activities to suit their interests and preferences. Our team will work with you to create a personalized children's holidays event plan that includes a mix of games, arts and crafts, and other interactive activities that will make your child's birthday party special.

For younger children, we offer a range of age-appropriate activities such as face painting, balloon animals and singing along. We can also provide a soft play area with age-appropriate toys and games for the little ones.

For older children, we offer a variety of interactive activities such as treasure hunts, obstacle courses and scavenger hunts. We can also provide a variety of arts and crafts such as jewelry making, painting and DIY projects.

If your child has a special interest or hobby, we can tailor our activities to reflect their interests. For example, if your child loves music, we can provide a DJ or music games. If your child is into sports, we can organize a mini-tournament or sports-themed obstacle course.


Our decorators will work closely with you to understand your child's preferences and help you choose the perfect decorations for your child's birthday. We offer a wide range of decoration options including balloons, banners, table setting and party favors that can be customized to match your child's theme.

For example, if your child loves princesses, we can provide an elegant table setting with princess-style plates, cups, and napkins. We can also create a stunning balloon arch that includes colors and patterns inspired by your child's favorite princesses.

If your child is a superhero fan, we can create a dynamic party space with superhero themed banners, balloons and table setting. We can also provide party favors such as masks, capes and bracelets for kids to take home as souvenirs.

For animal lovers, we can throw a jungle themed party with animal print tablecloths, greenery and soft toys. We can also provide souvenirs such as animal masks, animal shaped balloons and crackers.

Our decorators will take care of everything: from the installation of decorations before the celebration of the child's birthday, to their dismantling after the holiday. We will make sure that every detail is perfect so that you can relax and enjoy the holiday with your child and guests.

Food and drinks

Our event planning team will work with you to create a personalized menu that includes a variety of delicious treats and refreshing drinks. We offer a wide range of food and drink options including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

For younger children, we offer a variety of snacks such as mini pizzas, chicken nuggets and fruit skewers. We can also provide fun and colorful drinks such as fruit juices, smoothies and milkshakes.

For older children, we offer a more extensive menu with a variety of options for all tastes. We can provide a wide selection of snacks such as chips, popcorn and pretzels, as well as more substantial options, such as sandwiches and rolls. The menu may include a range of refreshing drinks such as sodas, flavored waters and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Of course, no birthday is complete without a cake! We offer a wide variety of birthday cakes, including custom-made cakes tailored to your child's chosen theme. We can also provide cupcakes, cookies and other sweets to add to the celebration.

We take care of everything from food and drink preparation to buffet service and guest service. Our team of professional waiters will make sure that everything goes smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy the holiday with your child and guests.


For younger children, we offer fun and interactive activities such as face painting, balloon weaving and arts and crafts. Our experienced artists and animators will work with children and create unique and colorful designs that will delight them.

For older children, we offer more sophisticated entertainment options such as magic shows, DJ parties and photo booths. Our professional magicians will demonstrate mind-blowing tricks and illusions that will impress both children and adults. Our DJs will create a party atmosphere with music, lights and special effects that will make the kids dance and have fun. Our photo booths will capture the special moments of the party and provide guests with fun and personalized souvenirs.

We also offer a range of costumed characters to bring your child's favorite stories and characters to life. From princesses and superheroes to popular movie and cartoon characters, we have plenty to choose from. Our professional actors will engage with the children and create a magical and immersive experience that they will never forget.

Souvenirs for guests

Our agency offers a wide range of party gift options suitable for different ages and interests. For younger children, we offer fun and playful services such as small toys, stickers and coloring books. For older children, we offer more practical and personalized souvenirs such as customized water bottles, key chains and phone cases.

We will work with you to select the perfect party favors that match your child's chosen theme and reflect their interests and preferences. Our team of event planners will help you find creative and unique souvenirs that will make your child's holiday special.

We take care of everything, from finding souvenirs to their original packaging. We can also provide custom packaging with your child's name and party date to make the gifts even more special.

Contact us today to start planning the perfect birthday for your child! We can't wait to help you organize a fun and memorable party that your child and their guests will never forget.