Organization of a wedding in Kyiv

Welcome to Day&Night - your expert in organizing weddings in the heart of Ukraine - magnificent Kyiv!

Kyiv is a city with a rich history, picturesque views and a unique culture. It has incorporated thousands of years of tradition and modern trends. It is here, in this amazing city, that we, the Day&Night team, help lovers from all over the world create unique wedding stories.


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Our professionals will not only organize your celebration, but will also reveal to you all the versatility of Kyiv. Thanks to us, you will be able to celebrate your wedding in the most beautiful corners of the city - from castle walls to picturesque parks on the banks of the Dnieper, from majestic temples to trendy restaurants and lofts.

We make sure that every wedding organized by us reflects the spirit of our city and is saturated with its unique atmosphere. Your celebration will be the embodiment of your love story, underlined by the unique color of the Kyiv city landscape.

We are proud that every wedding we organize becomes part of the history of Kyiv. After all, this is a city that inspires, enchants and ignites the sparks of true love.

Entrust the organization of your wedding celebration in Kyiv to us - Day&Night. We promise that your wedding will become a bright page in the history of your family and great Kyiv!

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Some information about weddings in Kyiv

Kyiv is beautiful in all seasons. Despite the fact that new parks, squares, entertainment complexes, museums are constantly appearing in the capital of Ukraine, it remains unique. It surprisingly harmoniously combines the present and the past, architecture in the style of modern Art Nouveau and ancient Baroque. Immersed in greenery, the city, memorable for its character, beauty and grandeur, is considered ideal for a wedding celebration. In Kyiv, you can exchange vows in the shadow of the majestic St. Sophia Cathedral, or invite guests to a ballroom decorated with intricate patterns. The city's historic charm lends an element of elegance and sophistication to any wedding celebration.

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There are many picturesque places in Kyiv. Luxurious hotels, magical gardens, terraces on the banks of the river or under the roof await the newlyweds. Each couple will find the perfect venue to match the theme and style of the wedding. Organizing a wedding in Kyiv is a responsible task, you need to take into account many moments and nuances.

A brief overview of the wedding in Kyiv

A wedding is one of the most important days for a couple. Therefore, I want to add a note of features to the celebration, which will make it unforgettable for many years. It is important to choose a style that suits your preferences and priorities. It will help make your day unique. When choosing a style, consider the following factors:

  • season and place of the wedding;
  • favorite colors;
  • theme of the celebration
  • budget;
  • number of guests.

Choosing a wedding style should be a joint decision of the bride and groom. You can come up with it yourself, using your imagination and creativity, or turn to professionals who will help you create the perfect style for your special day.

There are many wedding themes, among them there is sure to be one that will appeal to young people. You can choose the style of Provence, Bohemian, Tiffany, Rustic or based on your favorite works. Each of them has its own characteristics, color, characteristic elements and details.

Choosing a wedding date

For people who decide to unite their hearts in marriage, a wedding is an important event. To choose the date of the celebration, you need to find a time suitable for both partners. There are many signs and customs. And if young people believe in them, they can listen to them. For example, according to popular beliefs, it is believed that the best days for a wedding are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Thursday and Friday it is not recommended to hold a celebration. When choosing a wedding date, the following points should be considered:

  1. Season. In the summer month, the holiday will cost more than in the cold season.
  2. If you want important guests to be present at the wedding, it is recommended to contact them before finalizing the date.
  3. Book in advance the venue of the event as soon as you decide on the date. This is necessary so that it is free exactly on the dates for which you have scheduled the celebration.

Think about your preferences, priorities, and overall vision for your special day. By following these steps, you will be well on your way to choosing the perfect date for your wedding.

The best time of the year for a wedding in Kyiv

Each season has its own characteristics. Some people prefer warm, sunny summers, others like autumn, where the riot of natural colors is amazing and captivating. Consider the features of each season.

  1. Winter. It is associated with fluffy snow, elegant trees, home comfort. The demand for weddings at this time is low, so it is easier to book a place in a hotel or restaurant. For the decoration of the celebration, most often white colors are used with the use of silver, gold, green and red shades. A wedding ride on a horse troika will leave an unforgettable impression, and the bride and groom will look amazing against the backdrop of white snow. Usually in the winter season, many wedding organizers offer good discounts.
  2. Spring. This is the time of the awakening of nature, flowering. During this period it is still not hot, but not cold. An excellent photo session will take place in a park, a garden against the backdrop of flowering trees. It is recommended to add green notes, lots of flowers and natural materials to the overall style of the wedding decor.
  3. Summer. Warm, sunny - you can organize an open-air wedding. Of the decor elements, many green, paper garlands, and natural fabrics are used. For many, this is their favorite time of the year. Registration and celebration can be organized outside the city. For a photo shoot, the bank of the river, lake is perfect. In summer, demand is increased, you need to book a place in advance.
  4. Autumn. A wonderful time of the year, nature reflects the bright colors of autumn leaves. For decoration use orange and yellow shades. For bright couples, autumn is considered an ideal option.

The seasons play an important role in these decisions, influencing health, psychological state and even how the future will turn out in the end.

How to take into account weather conditions

When organizing a wedding celebration, it is necessary to take into account the weather conditions. This will help forecast. Also recommended:

  1. Have a backup plan. If the wedding is planned in nature, but on this day there is extreme heat or rain, the event should be rescheduled to a later time or indoors.
  2. Find out options for additional heating or cooling where the wedding is planned.
  3. Be sure to provide guests with a venue for the celebration.

In summer, there are many insects that cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if the event is planned in an open area. You should prepare repellents and ask the owners for the presence of mosquito nets.

Choosing a wedding location

First of all, you need to decide on the general concept of the celebration. Many nuances are taken into account here: decor, bride's dress, style, atmosphere. You also need to pay attention to the following points:

  • number of guests;
  • budget;
  • amenities and services;
  • season;
  • entertainment program;
  • service;
  • booking;
  • weather

Choose a place that matches your vision, think about the emotional connection you feel with the space, whether it reflects your personality and love story. After choosing a few places, schedule a visit to each one. This will allow you to appreciate the atmosphere, planning and overall sense of space. Pay attention to cleanliness, content, and any restrictions that may affect your plans.

TOP wedding halls in Kyiv

There are many wonderful places in Kyiv suitable for organizing a solemn event. The TOP wedding halls include:

  1. Gastroloft - this studio is ideal for a chamber wedding. The place is located at an altitude of 100 meters above the capital. There is a park nearby. Guests are offered a large terrace, allowing you to organize an open-air ceremony. There is also a banquet hall for 40 guests.
  2. Restaurant "5 Element". A unique place, because it is located on Podil. Despite the fact that this is a fitness club, the organizers have at their disposal an elegant restaurant located within the walls of the institution. It also has a swimming pool and an outdoor terrace.
  3. Maison Blanche is a country estate located in an ecologically clean place. It offers 2 locations: an interesting patio and its own farm and garden. Natural materials are used for decor, only fresh farm products are on the menu.

These are only 3 locations, there are many more in the capital and each place is unique. 

Charming outdoor wedding venues

In the warm season, many young couples prefer to have their wedding outdoors. The following locations are recommended:

Perfect place. The name and in translation means that this place is perfect. On the banks of the Dnieper there is a tent that can easily accommodate up to 100 guests. The ceremony can be held on a wooden pantone, to equip a lounge area near the river bank among the trees.

Ukrainian village. Weather permitting, tables can be placed outdoors. Ukrainian cuisine on the menu. On the territory there is a small pond, a menagerie, a banquet hall that can accommodate 40 people.

Campa Club. It opened recently, few people know about it. On the territory there is a summer terrace, ready to receive up to 150 guests. The newlyweds are invited to make an exciting trip by helicopter and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Which place to choose - only the bride and groom decide, because this day belongs completely and unlimitedly to loving hearts.

Key points for planning a wedding in Kyiv

The organization of the wedding must be approached responsibly. It should be planned in advance, taking into account the main points:

  • choose a date;
  • write a guest list;
  • choose a venue;
  • decide on a budget;
  • choose a wedding style;
  • invite a photographer, presenter;
  • make a menu;
  • choose outfits and accessories;
  • think about decorating the location;
  • invite musicians or a DJ;
  • prepare an invitation for guests.

This is not a complete list of measures. That's why you need to carefully plan everything.

Why choose our event agency. Our advantages

If you really want your wedding day to be remembered for years to come, the best solution is to entrust the organization to professionals. The Day&Night event agency will take care of everything, think through everything to the smallest detail, and take into account the wishes of the young. Each employee of a close-knit team is engaged in a specific task that has been assigned to him. All together they will make your holiday unforgettable: they will take into account the wishes of the bride and groom, develop a script, select the best location, invite a photographer leading, take care of decorating the hall. All your fantasies will come true.

Useful tips for future newlyweds

You can give many recommendations for organizing a wedding for young people. But most importantly, do everything together:

  • select date, venue;
  • decide on a topic;
  • plan your budget;
  • approach the choice carefully, personally meet with the performers;

Entrust the organization of the celebration to professionals.

Be in a good mood, do not quarrel, find a golden mean, give up the conventions that have become a tradition for many. Plan your day yourself, make it the best day of your life.


What types of wedding venues are there in Kyiv and how to choose the right one?

Kyiv offers a wide range of wedding venues, from historic landmarks like St. Sophia Cathedral to modern rooftop bars, riverboats and lush gardens. The choice of location depends on your personal style, theme, budget, and number of guests. It is advisable to visit multiple locations, consult with a local wedding planner, and consider the time of year to find the perfect venue that matches your vision.

Can I include traditional Ukrainian elements in my wedding in Kyiv?

Absolutely! Many couples choose to stick to local customs to add a unique touch to their wedding. It could be traditional Ukrainian music, cuisine such as borscht or varenyky, or wearing vinka, the traditional flower crown. Local vendors and wedding planners can help you incorporate these elements seamlessly into your celebration.

What are the legal requirements to get married in Kyiv?

Foreign citizens planning to get married in Kyiv must meet certain legal requirements. This often includes providing translated and notarized documents such as passports, proof of marital status, and marriage registration applications. Requirements may vary, so it is best to check with a lawyer or local registry office in Kyiv to understand the exact process and timeline for your situation.

What should I pay attention to regarding the weather and the best time of the year for a wedding in Kyiv?

Kyiv has four different seasons: warm summers and cold winters. Spring and early autumn are popular for weddings due to mild and pleasant weather. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, you must consider the weather and have backup options. Always check with your venue and organizer to understand how different seasons can affect your wedding plans.

What accommodation options are available for guests traveling to Kyiv for my wedding?

Kyiv offers a wide range of accommodation options for every budget and preference. From luxury hotels to budget hostels and Airbnb rentals, you can find something that suits your guests' needs. It is often helpful to reserve a block of rooms at a hotel near the venue and provide guests with a list of recommended accommodations in various price ranges.

What types of transport are available for guests in Kyiv?

Kyiv offers a variety of transportation options, including taxis, shared services such as Uber, trams, buses, and the metro system. For added convenience, you can arrange special transport for your guests, such as buses or private cars, especially if the event location is outside the city center.

How can I plan an eco-friendly wedding in Kyiv?

Organizing an eco-friendly wedding in Kyiv is quite possible. Just indicate your desire to our staff. Consider places that follow sustainability principles, choose local and seasonal produce for your menu, use digital invitations, and choose reusable or biodegradable decor. Communicate your commitment to sustainability to wedding planners and vendors, and they will help you make the right choice for your sustainable goals.