гарри поттер с волшебной палочкой
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"School of Wizardry" Harry Potter and his friends.

A fascinating story about a young wizard won the hearts and imagination of both children and adults. Harry Potter, a symbol of resilience, determination and friendship, has inspired many to revisit films and immerse themselves in the magical world. With breathtaking special effects and a charming storyline, this Harry Potter-themed kids' party is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

The program is unique as it is suitable for children of different ages. Funny adventures of the outstanding magician of all time Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts. The safety of the school of Magic is at stake, and you need to find a magic book of spells, and collect very rare ingredients in order to brew a potion. New tasks will be set before the heroes, which they will solve thanks to mystical clues, and in the finale there will be a battle with the most dangerous and evil Wizard. Who will win?...

вечеринка Гарри Поттера для детей

Duration: up to 2.5 hours.

*The cost is formed depending on the number of participants, and additional programs and props may also be included. (balloons, soap bubbles, show programs piñata, gifts, themed costumes, face painting, etc.)

from 5500 UAH

The Key Components of a Harry Potter Party

Platform 9 ¾: Magic Entrance

Recreating the legendary platform 9 ¾ as the entrance to the party. With the help of fabric, stencils and paint, we will create a brick wall covering the doorway. We complete the image by attaching a plate with the platform number at the top.

Diagon Alley: A World of Magic

We turn a long corridor into a magical Diagon Alley with magical shops, owls, toads, bowlers, pointed hats and wands. This will give children the opportunity to explore and experience the magical world where wizards go to school.

Hogwarts School: Enchantment Room

We decorate the main room like Hogwarts school with textiles, candles, cobwebs and house-colored decorations. We can hang portraits of wizards and images of epic battles on the walls to complement the magical atmosphere.

Four houses: colorful and clear zones

We design separate zones for each Hogwarts house in the appropriate color scheme:

• Gryffindor: gold and red

• Hufflepuff: black and yellow

• Ravenclaw: bronze and blue

• Slytherin: Silver and green

Sorting Hat: Home Handover Ceremony

We start the party with the Sorting Hat ceremony. We place the talking hat in the center of the room and invite the guests to take turns drawing sheets of paper that show their assigned home. For a complete picture, we can choose ties in the color of the house.

Magic wands: the basic tools of a wizard

We give each guest a stick of small plastic or wooden pointers, covered with colored shiny paper and decorated with sparkles.

Hogwarts clothes: dress for business

Make sure everyone is dressed appropriately, with home-coloured robes and ties. We will invite guests to come in costumes of their favorite characters, both good and evil.

Quidditch: the best magical sport

We organize a friendly Quidditch match with flying brooms and a special ball. Form teams and compete against other houses in exciting competitions and award ceremonies.

Preparing for a Harry Potter Party

Location selection

We choose a place that can accommodate the desired number of guests. We determine the duration of the party and determine the play areas. Consider a small café, country house, park or entertainment center.

Dress code and role distribution

Inform guests about the theme of the party and dress code in advance, and assign roles to avoid repeating characters. Prepare additional costumes if necessary.

Invitations: magic touch

We can issue themed invitations in the form of tickets for the Hogwarts Express or stamped letters. Specify the name of the guest, the text of the invitation, the date and place.

Interior decor: magical atmosphere

Use home-colored balloons, candles, vintage lamps, dark textiles, and vintage mirrors to decorate your Hogwarts-themed party space.

Party Basics: Badges and Magic Names

We create an immersive experience by giving each guest a badge with their name and magical nickname. Encourage guests to address each other with these mystical nicknames and apply light-hearted punishment to anyone who stumbles.

A holiday worthy of the Great Hall: themed menu ideas

We invite you to create a creative menu inspired by the enchanting world of Harry Potter. Choose from baked potatoes, meat or fish pies, canapés, caviar sandwiches and cheese sticks. To get a little creative, you can make desserts like cookies, candy, and treats shaped like spiders, frogs, and bats. Don't forget the selection of drinks, including pumpkin, tomato and apple juices, smoothies, sparkling water and lemonade.

Create a mood: music selections

Create a music playlist that reflects the magical atmosphere of the party. Choose from Harry Potter soundtracks, age-appropriate children's music and instrumental themes. Bands like Swish, Flick and The Parselmouths can also be great additions to your playlist.

Magic fun and games

Our goal is to entertain guests with a variety of magical games and activities inspired by our favorite series:

1. Guess the password: The host asks questions and the participants use hints to guess the password required to enter the party.

2. Harry Potter quiz: We can hold a quiz on books and films, inviting guests to demonstrate their knowledge.

3. Broom Racing: Guests mount broomsticks and race to the finish line in an exciting competition.

4. Quidditch Challenge: Participants throw a small ball through wire rings to knock over empty plastic cups.

5. Competition in the preparation of potions. We distribute an assortment of juices and spices to the guests to mix them, and let the tasters choose the best mixture.

6. Patronus Art: invite participants to draw their own Patronus using paper, colored pencils and pens.

7. Quest "Philosopher's Stone": come up with a series of riddles that will lead participants to the hidden Philosopher's Stone.

8. Horcrux Hunt: Hide artifacts around the room and give guests hints to find hidden Horcruxes.

Day&Night Agency will help you create the perfect holiday for your kids. The Harry Potter theme is perfect to create a fabulous and colorful atmosphere, while holding various competitions and tasks for the development of children. Call us, and we will offer our vision based on your wishes and budget.