черные кости для казино

Casino style

Refined and refined style, an atmosphere of luxury and wealth hover over your holiday. Dress code is usually Black Tie is welcome. The tones of the party are black and red.

Card lovers will enjoy an evening in the atmosphere of the game. Jazz music plays, Martinis and Bloody Marys are poured into glasses, and decorated snacks with symbols of suits, chips, three sevens and dice are on the tables. You can include a themed photo zone and a cake with an image of playing cards. Also, several gaming tables in poker and roulette are required.

Your evening is perfect, we will help make it special and atmospheric!

The cost is calculated individually depending on the factors below.

We are engaged in the selection of venues based on the number of your employees and preferences. We will offer you the best options.

A check per person is formed from many factors:

  1. Restaurant: selected drinks, dishes, deposit for renting the hall where the event will take place.
  2. List of additional services: artists, presenter, DJ, hall decoration (floristry, Christmas tree, table decoration, beautiful dishes, tablecloths, etc.), additional equipment, cover bands, vocalists, musicians, show ballet, themed gifts for employees, costumes for participants, etc. (Additional services from the list on request).
  3. Logistics issues for all participants, artists, contractors for the location (if the location is outside the city).

We will be able to form the final price if we have complete information about your event. It is also possible to adjust to your personal company budget allocated for this holiday, and we will definitely create a high-quality Corporate Party.

from 10000 UAH