вечеринка дикого запада

Corporate in the style of the wild west

The Wild West is immediately associated with Cowboys. But you can turn into different characters this evening:
Indians, cowboys with revolvers, sheriffs, cabaret dancers, waitresses, bartenders, traders, immigrants, ordinary civilians, wanted criminals, etc.
You can decorate the photo zone in the style of a prison cell behind bars and the interior with all kinds of posters with photos of particularly dangerous criminals (photos of your colleagues), horseshoes, hay, hats, sheriff's badges, beer cans, etc.
Cowboys and sheriffs will have a revolver as their attribute, and separate contests with gifts can be held based on shooting accuracy.
Evening drinks: beer and tequila, and food all kinds of meat.
Well, where can we go without traditional suits with hats and jeans.
The evening promises to be fun with fiery dances to country music, shootouts and your bright images.

3 мужчины в стиле дикого запада

Cost is calculated individually, depending on the factors below.
We select the venue based on the number of your employees and preferences. We will offer you the best options.
A check for a person is formed from many factors:

  1.  Restaurant: selected drinks, dishes, deposit for renting the hall where the event will take place.
  2.  List of additional services: artists, host, DJ, decoration of the hall (flowers, Christmas tree, table decorations, beautiful dishes, tablecloths, etc.), additional equipment, cover bands, vocalists, musicians, ballet shows, themed gifts for employees , costumes for participants, etc. (Additional services from the list upon request).
  3. The issue of logistics of all participants, artists, contractors to the location (if the location is fenced off).

We will be able to form the final price when we have complete information about your event. Also, it is possible to adapt to your personal company budget allocated for this holiday, and we will definitely create a high-quality Corporate.

from 10000 UAH