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Gatsby style party

The Great Gatsby themed party is very popular, most likely because the roaring twenties were a time of excesses, wild parties, loud music and naughty behavior. Fitzgerald's novel literally became the face of the roaring twenties.
The key to how to throw a truly Great Gatsby themed party is to embrace the feel, sound and aesthetic of the Roaring 20s. This decade was all about gilding, decadence and jazz. We'll create that atmosphere with fancy dress, live music, glittery jewelry and 1920s inspired drinks!

вечеринка в стиле Великий Гэтсби

The price is calculated individually. The customer draws up a list of guests present (invited) and we discuss with the customer the theme of the evening and the necessary services (location/restaurant, artists, vocalists, host, hall decor, floristry, logistics, etc.). Based on all the above-mentioned points, an estimate is prepared and agreed with the customer.
In the event that the customer already has a certain budget, we will help organize the event on the desired topic exclusively within the budget.


from 5000 UAH

How to Decorate a Gatsby Party

For us, organizing a party in the style of "The Great Gatsby" is a great occasion to give everything to the fullest - the more extravagant the scenery, the better.

When choosing decorations for a Gatsby themed party, such as furniture and interior design, we prefer to focus on the colors of gold, black and silver, as well as vintage lamps, leather, lots of champagne, stained glass and modernist shapes.  Anything that represents the flapper style of the 1920s and the Art Deco era should be luxurious, decadent and downright wild! Subdued lighting to add mystery, and tables adorned with strings of plastic pearls.  Don't forget the party masks and feathered fans for guests to play pranks and take pictures.

Venues for a Great Gatsby Party

Cocktail lounge

The cocktail bar is the perfect venue for a Great Gatsby party.  Not only are these venues best suited for craft cocktails ( speakeasy style ), they also provide plenty of room for dancing—two essential elements of a successful Gatsby-style party.

Dance floor

For the perfect Gatsby-style party, reserve the spacious ballroom where your guests will have enough space to enjoy entertainment, toast cocktails and dance the night away.  The more space the better!

Mansion rental

What better way to imitate the Eastern Egg and rent your own mansion?  We will find a grand space with great views and lots of places to socialize and dance.  Throw in luxurious decorations and you'll have a place that Jay Gatsby himself would envy.



Along with the decorations and dress code, music at a Great Gatsby themed party will also help set the mood.  The best choice of musical accompaniment would be hot jazz of the 1920s.  If you have space and energy, we can try to learn how to dance the Charleston with those who wish. 


Served in coupe glasses, champagne is the ultimate (and easiest) way to please an audience—it doesn't need to be mixed, and who doesn't turn on a wild sip of cork?  If there are especially enterprising and courageous ones, you can try to lay down a classic champagne fountain.  You can use plastic containers for this.

Other drink ideas appropriate to the era and theme include something with gin or bourbon, something with orange or lemon (after Jay Gatsby's favorite citrus fruits), or a frothy egg white cocktail in an ode to Gatsby's native lawn, the West Egg . 

Casino tables

Like alcohol at the time, gambling was banned in the 1920s, so a large underground gambling scene developed.  We can hire some casino dealers and gaming tables to give our party a retro vibe.  With multiple poker games, dice games and roulette, your guests will be thrilled with their luck.


As we enter the early 2020s, it's a good excuse, like any other, to throw your own Great Gatsby-inspired wild 20s party.  Whimsical cocktails, glittery decorations and stunning costumes - you can't go wrong!