зал оформленній под вечеринку в стиле Голливуд
Theme parties

Hollywood theme party

A Hollywood themed party is a great option if you're looking for a glamorous way to celebrate a bridal shower, birthday, prom, baby shower or New Year's party. This theme is not only an opportunity to enjoy lavish attention, but also a great way to share your love of movies and relive the glory of Hollywood.

Who hasn't dreamed of walking down the red carpet under the flashes of cameras and the attentive gaze of the public? You can turn everything into reality!
So your evening begins. The door of your car is opened for you, you get out of the white limousine and step on the red carpet.
Only a bunch of paparazzi are around behind the rope fences that separate you from the public. It is impossible to confuse this place with any other, because in front of the entrance to the building or on the side of the lawn, there will be a large sign lit by LEDs "HOLLYWOOD" (an imitation of the world-famous sign on the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles).

голливудская вечеринка

The price is calculated individually. The customer draws up a list of guests present (invited) and we discuss with the customer the theme of the evening and the necessary services (location/restaurant, artists, vocalists, host, hall decor, floristry, logistics, etc.). Based on all the above-mentioned points, an estimate is prepared and agreed with the customer.
In the event that the customer already has a certain budget, we will help organize the event on the desired topic exclusively within the budget.

from 15000 UAH

Some tips for organizing a Hawaiian party

For an entourage, you can rent a villa, or an old theater hall, or for a large company even a castle with a ballroom and a stage. In any case, even in a cozy and small place, you can set your stage, and place everything very compactly.
The red carpet will lead guests to the walk of fame, where you can hang portraits of famous movie actresses and movie actors of different times on the walls, as well as stars with the names of your guests. Everyone will be able to sign and make a handprint on one of the stars of the walk of fame, and record it in a photo.
For the decoration of the banquet hall, all the paraphernalia of the film set is suitable: film reels, horn, cameras, posters, director's chair, etc.
The color scheme of the evening: black, red, gold, silver.
The aroma of chic, outrageous, glamour should literally float in the air.
Open outfits of the guests, bright and shiny images should mix with the chic of the room, which is sure to be drowned in flowers, crystals, gold (you can make gold statues of Oscar in the height of a person), against the background of which great photos will turn out.
The floor of the banquet hall will literally drown in silver and gold confetti, and you can also rent palm trees in pots to immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere of hot Los Angeles.
You can use mini clipboards with the name of the guest and the place reserved for him in the decoration of the tables. Also, beautiful flower arrangements in crystal vases in the center of the table will add even more chic to the interior.
When all the guests are in place, the director of the evening - the Presenter, announces the evening to the open - Camera! Engine! Let's start!
This evening's entertainment is varied. Starting from the Nominations (which are thought out in advance) and the presentation of the Oscar to the guests for the best roles, to the shooting and showing of the film (filmed the day before) with the main culprit of the celebration in the main role. It will also be very appropriate to shoot a small video throughout the evening, which is edited by specialists in a short time, and shown to the public at the end of the evening. It always turns out very unexpectedly and effectively, everyone will be delighted to see themselves on the video.
The cuisine and drinks of this evening should be very light, beautifully decorated and served better for everyone individually.
Let's script your Oscar-winning night together!

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