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Rustic wedding

Do you dream of a wedding that combines natural beauty, cozy atmosphere, and elegant touches? If so, a Rustic-style wedding may be just what you're looking for. In recent years, weddings in a rural style have become increasingly popular, and it's easy to understand why. From charming barns to idyllic outdoor landscapes, rustic weddings offer unique and unforgettable experiences for both couples and guests.

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Enjoy life without too much pathos

Rustic is often referred to as a country style, but it's not entirely accurate. The most accurate definition is European country. This is when motifs of pronounced simplicity are combined with comfort, sophistication, and convenience. Rural life in Europe can be different. Within this trend, life in the Tyrolean countryside, remote corners of the Swiss Alps, or the generous traditions of German burgers are closest to this definition. Add the lushness and grandeur of California ranches, and you'll understand what Rustic is all about.

A Rustic-style wedding is a celebration of love that is as natural and beautiful as the surrounding environment.

There are no modern innovations or technological details here. Everything that is used has passed centuries of testing and is chosen by people who love to enjoy their feelings for each other in an atmosphere of simplicity and comfort.

Ideas for a Rustic Wedding Venue

Barn or Shed

 Such places are a popular choice for Rustic-style weddings. They offer natural charm with exposed wood and arched ceilings. Decoration possibilities are endless, from adding homemade details such as vintage furniture to wrapping beams in greenery to create an elegant atmosphere. Details such as parking and the size of the barn for both the ceremony and reception are taken into consideration when visiting barns.

Local Park

 By exploring this option, we can find a fantastic outdoor venue without breaking the bank. For example, reserving a covered amphitheater or pavilion in a local park. One advantage of using a public park is that it can be an excellent choice for guests of all ages.

Field or Meadow

 Open spaces with stunning views and hilly terrain create an amazing atmosphere for your big day. There's the option of setting up a wooden pergola-style arch covered in flowers, or using wooden crates as cocktail tables with a country-style touch.

Lake Shore

 When it comes to adding extra charm to your wedding on the lake shore, there are plenty of outdoor Rustic-style wedding ideas you can explore. For a particularly charming touch, we recommend immersing yourself in the summer camp atmosphere. A great way to do this is to set up a canoe filled with ice for your guests' drinks. Additionally, using blankets and light blue accent colors, as well as custom-made floating rings with the newlyweds' names printed on them, can help create a truly memorable atmosphere.

Mountain Cabin or Lodge

 A cozy option for a Rustic-style wedding is a mountain cabin or lodge. They offer both indoor and outdoor spaces for an intimate ceremony, as well as a covered space for dinner and dancing. We can decorate it with antlers, skis, and old wooden sleds to add a mountainous atmosphere.


 Vineyards and wineries offer plenty of natural beauty for elegant Rustic-style wedding decorations. Choose a spot with open lawns, offering a breathtaking view of the grapevines to create unforgettable impressions. They typically offer full-service options, making everything from catering to table rentals simpler.

Rural Resort or Glamping Grounds

Surround yourself with natural beauty by choosing a resort or glamping. This is a great way to offer accommodations for your guests and create a unique wedding experience.

Color palettes for a rustic wedding

Rosy pink and sage green

 This color combination creates a soft, romantic atmosphere that is perfect for a rustic wedding held outdoors on a meadow, in a barn or in a local park. To incorporate this color palette into your wedding decor, we suggest using beautiful blush roses and sprigs of sage and eucalyptus in all floral arrangements. For added elegance, consider using rustic wooden tables paired with sage-colored linens.

Burgundy and gold

Incorporating burgundy and gold into your wedding color palette is a surefire way to create a timeless and unforgettable atmosphere. When planning your decor, look for wedding invitations and stationery with details in pressed gold foil to add a touch of luxury to your invites. For your flowers, select dark and dramatic blooms that will complement the rich burgundy tones. Don't forget to include red wine to tie in the color scheme.

Dark green and white

A color palette of dark green and white is a timeless and elegant choice reminiscent of the beauty of a winter wonderland. This color combination is so simple that it can work with a wide range of styles and details, making it a popular choice for many couples. To add uniqueness to this classic color palette, consider incorporating different textures and patterns, such as green and white plaid. You can also opt for a dark green suit for the groom instead of a more traditional black tuxedo to look stylish and modern.

Dark green and yellowish-brown

This color combination is a wonderful way to highlight an autumn or winter wedding and is perfect for couples who want simple yet stylish decor. To enhance this color palette, we suggest adding bright foliage and natural textures such as branches, bark, burlap, and weathered wood. These elements will add depth and texture to your venue and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Purple and lavender

This color combination is refined, elegant, and complements the natural wood tones that are characteristic of most rustic interiors. Soft hues such as blush pink, lavender, and pale blue are perfect for creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere at your wedding. They pair well with various details, from stationery and bedding to bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements.

Burgundy and dark green

This stunning color combination will add a touch of sophistication to any rustic wedding. This palette is perfect for couples who want to create a formal and elegant atmosphere while maintaining a natural and rustic look. The richness of burgundy and the depth of dark green complement each other well, especially for a wedding held in a vineyard, where they will complement the natural surroundings and grapevines.

Rustic Wedding Attire

When it comes to choosing a wedding attire for a Rustic wedding, there are plenty of options to choose from to look stylish and comfortable on your special day. Here are some unique ideas to consider:


A classic choice for a Rustic wedding, they add a touch of vintage charm and come in different styles, including stripes, checks, leather, and mixed patterns. Don't forget to choose suspenders that will keep you warm if you decide to skip the suit jacket.

Rolled-up sleeves If you want a more casual look, consider rolling up your sleeves. This style looks great with a vest or suspenders.


A romantic and sweet addition to any Rustic wedding. Ivory or cream-colored lace dresses or attire are perfect for a vintage style, while dyed lace dresses can match your color palette.


This item is often associated with Rustic weddings. It adds coziness to a wedding by the lake or in the mountains. Tweed checkered vests, bow ties, checkered stems for the bouquet, or garters are a perfect match.


Believe it or not, you can wear jeans to a Rustic wedding! Opt for a crisp, dark denim instead of traditional trousers or stick to classic suits and wear dark jeans at the wedding.

Velvet Suits

A great option for a fall or winter wedding. However, avoid velvet in the summer as the fabric can be too warm. Choose unexpected colors of velvet, such as rusty orange, natural brown, and navy blue, to create a more Rustic look.

Flower crown

For a more bohemian touch, consider a flower crown instead of a traditional veil. Choose fresh flowers that can be woven together with berries, feathers, or other natural elements. You can also consider decorative crowns for the wedding party.

Floral Ideas for a Wedding

Flowers play an important role in creating the atmosphere and setting the tone for a rural wedding. The right choice of flowers can add natural beauty and charm to the celebration. If you are planning a Rustic-style wedding, here are some floral ideas that may inspire you:


In spring, nature comes alive with an abundance of flowers in soft pastel shades. Some popular options include forsythia, lily of the valley, peony, poppy, snapdragon, and sweet pea. Consider incorporating plenty of lush greenery to add depth and texture to your arrangements.


Summer is the time for bright colors and cheerful flowers. Some popular options include cornflowers, cosmos, irises, sunflowers, Queen Anne's lace, and bougainvillea. Use these bold flowers to create fun compositions that reflect the spirit of the season.


Autumn is the time for warm earthy colors and textured foliage. Excellent choices include pampas grass, sage, chrysanthemums, amaranth, gerberas, cornflowers, and yarrow. These flowers pair well with dusty shades of orange, red, and yellow.


Winter weddings can be challenging when it comes to selecting flowers, but there are still plenty of options available. Foliage, such as eucalyptus with berries and evergreen branches, can be used to create full compositions. You can also accent with seasonal flowers such as anemones, hellebores, or poinsettias to add bright colors and interest.

Decor Ideas If you are planning a Rustic-style wedding, there are many unique and creative ways to decorate your venue. From ceremonial arches to bonfires, each element can add charm and atmosphere to your special day.

A Rustic-style wedding is not just a theme, but a way of life that celebrates the beauty of simplicity, the warmth of community, and the joy of love.

One of the most important elements of a Rustic wedding is the ceremonial arch. A wooden arch can be adorned with flowers, greenery, and other organic materials to create a natural and romantic backdrop for your ceremony. Garlands or hanging candles can add warmth and romance to an evening wedding.

Flowers along the aisle are another excellent way to add extra detail to your outdoor space or barn. Use buckets of baby's breath, lanterns with rose petals, or wooden vases with pampas grass to line the aisle and bring a taste of nature indoors.

For seating, consider long benches or hay bales to create a casual and communal atmosphere. We can dress up these seating options with blankets and other textiles to add extra texture. Vintage linens can also be used to decorate cocktail tables, giving them a more rustic look.

Sweet signs can be used to direct guests to their seats, the bar, and dinner tables. Signs hung on twine or other natural materials can give your wedding a unique look. Wooden barrels can be used as alternative high-top tables for cocktail hour, and hanging lanterns can add elegance and beauty.

A vintage mirror seating chart can be used to direct guests to their dinner location. Handwritten place cards on the mirror's surface can make it look truly authentic. Natural escort card holders, such as clothespins and twine or pinecones, can also add rustic charm to your wedding.

Drapery can be added to fill high ceilings and add layers of texture to your space. Antique furniture can also be used to create fun vignettes for seating and displaying wedding favors. Finally, a bonfire can be set up for guests to warm up on chilly evenings.

There are many unique and creative ways to decorate a Rustic-style wedding venue. By using these elements, we can create a natural and casual atmosphere that your guests will remember for years to come.