Урбан шик свадьба на городской лестнице
Wedding Planning

Urban chic wedding

When it comes to an urban chic wedding, there are no rules about themes, colors or seasons. Whether you're looking to tie the knot in summer with hot pink flecks, or dreaming of a fall wedding with edgy gemstone hues, the choice is entirely yours.

Many newlyweds, when planning a wedding, try to be in trend and choose a holiday in nature, in exotic places, using an unusual style. But if the bride and groom live in a metropolis and simply love the rhythm and atmosphere of a big city, then you should not deny yourself the pleasure and organize an unforgettable wedding in the Urban Chic style.

урбан шик свадьба

Each wedding is an individual project developed by our experts, florists, designers, decorators.

from 15000 UAH

Style Features

Such a wedding is definitely not suitable for those who prefer official and prim banquets. Light audacity and love of freedom prevail here. Such an idle is more like a noisy party where everyone has fun and relax, not paying attention to the subtleties of table etiquette. Therefore, the Day&Night Event Agency recommends focusing more on the entertainment program and buffet. In this case, a separate area is allocated for the main menu, where guests can enjoy excellent dishes without interrupting the process of fun.

Choosing a suitable location

Urban chic style is definitely not about nature and open areas. The celebration should be planned in the city, and the closer to its center, the better. But there is also room for imagination here. What can you choose from:

  • The restaurant is modern with an interesting interior. The upper floors are ideal, where there are panoramic windows and a breathtaking view of the city.
  • Stylish bar with a special atmosphere. In such an institution, you can bring to life many concepts and make the wedding bright and unforgettable.
  • The roof of a house or the outdoor area of ​​a rooftop restaurant. It is beautiful, atmospheric, very inspiring - after all, the wedding will really be on top. But the weather will be a factor beyond your control, so it’s worth having a well-thought-out fall-back option.

Paying attention to colors. It should be remembered that Urban chic is a dark background on which expensive shades are concentrated: copper, ivory, emerald, gold, quartz, light gray, dark green.

Main scenery

To make the holiday a success, you should pay special attention to the decor of the room. Here are a few key details that will create the desired style:

  • the presence of neon lights, which are associated with the lighting of a big city;
  • materials that should prevail in the interior - metal, glass or concrete;
  • irregular lines, incompatible geometric shapes;
  • correct and rich lighting;
  • a lot of greenery and plants;
  • luxury items (expensive cutlery, beautiful fabrics, etc.).

There is no limit to fantasy in this style, but the main thing is to keep a sense of proportion and not overdo it with the amount of bright decor.

Images and photo session

The image of the bride should correspond to restrained chic. The dress does not have to be lush and to the floor. No one will be surprised if it is not even a dress, but a stylish suit with elegant wide trousers. As for jewelry - stylish, but their minimum. There are no wreaths, veils, tiaras and other things on the head - only beautiful styling. The groom can choose the style of an urban dandy, or remain in the unshakable classics - a tuxedo will contrast well with the bride's stylish dress.

The photo session should be as effective as possible and clearly show the love of the newlyweds for their lifestyle, the big city, its unforgettable atmosphere. A snapshot of a couple on the roof of a restaurant, at the bar, dancing and fooling around with friends - such photos will definitely be able to convey emotions and atmosphere even years later.