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The main wedding trends of 2023

Fashion for a wedding celebration is distinguished by its subtleties, secrets, it is also capricious and changeable. 2023 was no exception, offering young people new ideas for organizing and holding a solemn event, outfits.
This year, special attention is paid to personalization and individuality, thanks to which the wedding will be original, stylish, and unforgettable. The following main points can be highlighted:

If previously pastel shades were offered for decor elements, now they have given way to more saturated and bright colors: green, golden, turquoise, pink, purple.
Using black. Designers believe that if it is used correctly, you can harmoniously place accents. This is one of the new directions.
Today, the usual flower arch is proposed to be made in the form of a circle. It is he who symbolizes such concepts as unity and harmony. Living greenery and flowers woven in the form of a chain are used for decoration.
The presence of decorated elements made of metal. The style can be any and will match the party. The most popular shades of the color palette are golden-pink and warm shades of copper. Which decor to use depends on the style of the celebrations. It can be elegant thin candlesticks or exquisite candelabra.
Today, when organizing a wedding, it is relevant to use a large bushy plant - cortaderia or pampas grass - for decoration and decor. It harmoniously fits into any style and is perfectly combined with any shades of the color range. It is well suited for decorating tables, arranging flower arrangements.

Actual wedding formats
In 2023, many newlyweds prefer the following types of weddings:

Kamernoy is a holiday at which close friends and relatives are present. The number of guests is up to 25 people.
A party - movable points for cooking dishes with appropriate decor, products, and dishes are ideal for it. The chefs working at such points are true professionals in their field, who turn dishes into spectacular art.
Family dinner. Relatives gather - up to 20 guests. The program and decoration of the celebrations are carefully thought out to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
For newlyweds. They celebrate the holiday only together. The venue can be a hotel: morning breakfast, walks, photos and at the end of the day - a candlelit dinner.
If we talk about the quality of the wedding, preference is given to a small number of guests, no pomp, stylish arrangements of fresh flowers on the tables. It is recommended to invite a professional wedding photographer who can take the highest quality pictures, as this is a memory for a lifetime. If you want to achieve an excellent result, it is recommended to contact a specialized wedding agency. By turning to professionals such as Day&Night Event agency, you will save your nerves, save a lot of time and get an unparalleled result.

Wedding trends popular in the new season
Everyone knows that brevity, naturalness and simplicity include all the best. This should be reflected in food, make-up, clothes. Among the fashionable wedding trends of the current year, which are in demand among newlyweds, the following aspects are highlighted.
Women's clothing
When it comes to weddings, the bride is presented in a long white flowing dress. Today, such an outfit is a thing of the past. And for many brides, this news came as a shock. After all, it is very difficult to spend almost the whole day in such a dress. It was replaced by trouser suits - this is one of the main trends of 2023.

trouser wedding suit

Style of minimalism
Lavish celebrations with lots of balloons and massive decorations are also a thing of the past. Today, minimalism is relevant, which is manifested in everything - outfits, decor, color palette. It is used even for festive dishes. Products are preferably ecological and should be calculated as accurately as possible, as well as drinks. Harmful and unnecessary things have no place at modern wedding celebrations.
Organization of a holiday in the open air
The emergence of this trend should be thanks to the pandemic. People had to keep their distance, which was easy to do in nature. This was the impetus for a new wedding trend. Even bad weather did not affect, as guests have tents, specially organized areas in country residences and parks.

open air weddingsEntertainment
Various contests and games in the form of tug-of-war, singing together, bursting balls took a back seat. Today, brides prefer to invite a cover artist, artists who demonstrate a fire show or offer guests a tasting of mysterious cocktails.
Rent wedding suits
Increasingly, young people prefer the service of studios that add suits for rent. There is logic in this. Usually, a bride wears a suit or dress once in her life. This type of service is also good because in such studios you can almost always choose an outfit made in the right style.
It is impossible to impose your wedding planning scenario on someone. Each person is individual. Therefore, this quality is considered the main trend of the wedding season 2023. It is explained simply - it is unique and unpredictable. You just need to hear yourself, what exactly do you want - to organize a lavish wedding (the old-fashioned way) or to listen to current trends. Or maybe a better option for you is to sign up and go on a trip, giving yourself a gift - an individual honeymoon. Do not forget that this day is only yours, make a holiday for yourself as your heart reminds you.