стол для пиратской вечеринки
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"Pirate Party", a deserted island.

Welcome to Day&night, the ultimate destination for a swashbuckling pirate adventure that your little ones will never forget! Set sail with us as we provide a unique and thrilling Children's Pirate Party experience that is sure to delight both young buccaneers and their parents alike.

The main Hero Captain Jack Sparrow and his team go in search of adventure on a deserted island. Before the Heroes opens the Bay of Skulls, a terrible place ... and now there is a new task, to find Blackbeard's cave, where he supposedly hid his treasures.

Vivid adventures, tasks for logic, quick reaction, and team play, all this will leave unforgettable emotions and each participant will leave with his own little treasure gift.

Adventure to be!

дети в образе пиратов на вечеринке

This program is designed for ages 6-15.

Duration: up to 2.5 hours.

*The cost is formed depending on the number of participants, and additional programs and props may also be included. (balloons, face painting, soap bubbles, show programs,  piñata, gifts, themed costumes, etc.)

from 5500 UAH

Our Children's Pirate Party Package includes:

Customizable Invitations: Watch your little pirate's excitement grow as they receive a personalized treasure map invitation, setting the scene for the grand adventure that awaits them!

Pirate Decor: We transform your chosen venue into a captivating pirate cove, complete with themed decorations such as pirate flags, treasure chests, and life-size pirate ship cutouts.

Costumes & Accessories: Every young pirate needs the proper attire! We provide each child with a pirate costume, complete with hats, eye patches, and other pirate accessories to fully immerse them in their swashbuckling adventure.

Treasure Hunt: Our professional pirate crew will lead your little adventurers on a thrilling treasure hunt throughout the party, where they'll solve riddles, decipher clues, and uncover hidden treasures.

Entertaining Pirate Games: We've got a variety of pirate-themed games and activities to keep your little buccaneers entertained, including "Walk the Plank", "Cannonball Toss", and "Pirate Ship Races".

Buccaneer Banquet: We'll provide a delicious spread of pirate-themed treats and drinks for your little pirates to enjoy, including "Pirate Punch", "Seaweed Snacks", and "Treasure Chest Cupcakes".

Captain's Crew: Our professional pirate entertainers will keep your young guests engaged with interactive storytelling, sword fights, and pirate singalongs.

Pirate Party Favors: Each child will leave with a treasure chest filled with pirate goodies, such as gold coins, pirate tattoos, and novelty pirate toys, to remember their incredible pirate adventure.

Professional Photography (Optional): Capture the unforgettable memories with our skilled pirate photographer, who will document the highlights of your child's pirate party.

Easy Clean-up: We understand that the aftermath of a party can be daunting. That's why our team will handle all the clean-up, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the experience with your little pirates.

At Day&Night, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, unforgettable experiences that create lasting memories for your child and their friends. Let us take the helm and steer your child's special day towards an unforgettable pirate adventure! Contact us today to book your child's Pirate Party and watch their imagination come to life