корпоратив в стиле супергероев

Corporate in the style of Superheroes

It is possible to transform into Super Heroes for just one evening.
Each of us once in childhood dreamed or even imagined ourselves in the role of a superhero, endowed with superpowers capable of saving the whole world. Giving an opportunity to open up, remember childhood and play even in adulthood is inspiring!
Decoration of the hall and props in bright colors, comic book banners, superhero masks, superhero figurines, foil curtains, superhero movie posters, paper pom poms, smoke machine with colored smoke. Food and drinks will be themed with pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, washed down with Hulk Punch, Batman Whiskey or Catwoman Liqueur.
We advise you to choose characters based on personal characteristics that are closer to real characters.
For example: there are evil heroes and good ones. It's up to you to decide who will be Golovbukh or Findir this evening. The main thing is that good wins over evil!))
So, with your wish and our experience, the Holiday will become the funnest and brightest event of the year, and believe me, a lot of humor and laughter awaits you!

супергеройский корпоратив

Cost is calculated individually, depending on the factors below.
We select the venue based on the number of your employees and preferences. We will offer you the best options.
A check for a person is formed from many factors:

  1.  Restaurant: selected drinks, dishes, deposit for renting the hall where the event will take place.
  2.  List of additional services: artists, host, DJ, decoration of the hall (flowers, Christmas tree, table decorations, beautiful dishes, tablecloths, etc.), additional equipment, cover bands, vocalists, musicians, ballet shows, themed gifts for employees , costumes for participants, etc. (Additional services from the list upon request).
  3. The issue of logistics of all participants, artists, contractors to the location (if the location is outside the city).

We will be able to form the final price when we have complete information about your event. Also, it is possible to adapt to your personal company budget allocated for this holiday, and we will definitely create a high-quality Corporate.

from 10000 UAH