вечеринка в стиле 80х
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Party in the style of the 80s

Have you decided to choose a cool party in the style of the 80s? Then it's time to cheer up, because your guests are in for a fun time! Our agency will create the perfect atmosphere and give them an unforgettable party that will take everyone to their favorite 80s.
Anyone who lived through the 80s will tell you that those were the best years of their lives. That they danced to the best music, made the coolest retro drinks, and were a true party generation. They walked under the moonlight in their acid-washed jeans and leggings to songs played from tape recorders and walkmans. It was an era when kids and teenagers stood in line to play arcade games, and if you were late for something, you didn't have a chance to let your friends know because cell phones didn't exist.
We love 80s style parties. It's such a fun way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other life moment with the people you love the most.

Get your guests into the party vibe with the perfect playlist, themed party games, and all the 80s party decorations you could want. With ideas like these, your 80s themed party is sure to go down in history.

вечеринка в стилистике 80х годов

The price is calculated individually. The customer draws up a list of guests present (invited) and we discuss with the customer the theme of the evening and the necessary services (location/restaurant, artists, vocalists, host, hall decor, floristry, logistics, etc.). Based on all the above-mentioned points, an estimate is prepared and agreed with the customer.
In the event that the customer already has a certain budget, we will help organize the event on the desired topic exclusively within the budget.

from 15000 UAH

Here are some tips for throwing a 80s style party

The 80s is the time for glitter, gold, neon, bright colors, challenge time!
The clothes were dominated by velor, patent leather, silk, lycra, denim, and very voluminous jewelry - clips and brooches.
Hairstyles were in trend asymmetrical haircuts, curls, short haircuts for girls, bouffant with varnish was welcome. The guys have the Elvis Presley hairstyle, again, the maximum styled and polished bangs.
Choosing clothes for this holiday is not difficult. For girls, these are all kinds of outfits made of lycra and lurex, jeans, purple, pink or leopard print leggings, sequins, sequins, rhinestones. For men, turtlenecks, contrasting jackets in bright colors, sweaters and jackets in pistachio, lemon, purple, peach shades.
A completely diverse room is suitable for holding a retro party, the main thing is to properly decorate the interior using retro things: a cassette recorder, a disco ball, posters, posters of musical performers of that time, garlands, color music, confetti. Everything should literally dazzle and flicker in the eyes.
Since many foodstuffs were in short supply, the table should be no frills, modest. It is worth choosing traditional treats Olivier, Vinaigrette/Shuba, Sprat Sandwich, sliced sausages, fried fish, meatballs and more.*
For dessert Napoleon cake, honey cake, waffle.*
For drinks, plain beer, champagne, and liqueurs will perfectly fit in. *
*Note (of course, the menu of dishes and drinks can be adapted to any taste preferences and made up suitable for the customer).
The program of the evening is compiled at the request of the customer, and the script of the evening is prepared in advance. We will definitely offer different versions of the show program with artists, dancing to the hits of the 80s. Our professional dancers will demonstrate and teach those who wish to dance lambada, "moonwalk dance" - the legendary moonwalk dance of Michael Jackson, breakdance that reached its peak of popularity in the 80s, moshing, imitation of a robot dance, sprinkler, etc.
We will also choose a disco king or queen, sing karaoke, and organize other no less fun interactive activities with the presenter.
All this procession will be accompanied by the tracks of legendary musicians and singers of the musical field, such as Modern Tallking, Madonna, TheBeatles, Queen, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, E-Type, C.C. Catch and many more.
The 80s marked themselves as a very hot decade, and we will organize for you an equally hot holiday with unforgettable emotions!