вечеринка в стиле 90-х
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A party in the style of the 90s

The legendary 90s were a difficult time. But for those who want to throw a party in the style of those times, they are associated with a carefree childhood, not with difficulties and troubles. This time is remembered with sweet longing, nostalgia for the past. This is what makes the bad 90s so appealing. It seems that the nineties ended only yesterday, but many years have already passed. A party in the style of the 90s is a time machine that will transport guests to youth, youth, and some to childhood.

вечеринка в стиле 90-х

The price is calculated individually. The customer draws up a list of guests present (invited) and we discuss with the customer the theme of the evening and the necessary services (location/restaurant, artists, vocalists, host, hall decor, floristry, logistics, etc.). Based on all the above-mentioned points, an estimate is prepared and agreed with the customer.
In the event that the customer already has a certain budget, we will help organize the event on the desired topic exclusively within the budget.

from 15000 UAH

Here are some tips for throwing a 90s style party

One of the most important criteria for a successful holiday is the correct stylization and decoration of the room for the 90s.
The decoration of the holiday should be made using the main attributes of that time: a cassette recorder, cassettes, a VCR with cassettes, a mirrored disco ball on the ceiling, a colorful music player, grandmother's old woolen carpet on the wall, as well as posters of artists popular at the time, such as Britney Spirs, Spice Girls, Disco Crash, Natalia Oreiro, Kind May, Combination, Hands up, etc. The most popular magazines of that time can be laid out on the tables: COOL, Young Lady, All Stars, etc.
In the center of the hall, you can make a stylization of a home theater, use an antenna TV for this, connect a VCR to it and broadcast movies/cartoons from your childhood on it. You will especially like the arrangement of a separate corner with a console with childhood games "Mario", "Tanchiki", etc.).
A very important place in the organization of the celebration is occupied by the appearance of its participants. Properly selected images and clothes of the 90s will be the key to the success of your event. The best thing is that you won't have to buy intricate images, because absolutely everything lying around in the closet will do.
You can combine multi-colored, diverse things together, wear skirts over leggings, make bright arrows, make-up with bright accents, flared jeans, which are no longer fashionable, but which are so hard to throw away, olympics, windbreakers, baseball caps, acid shades, blouses with sequins, mini skirts, platform shoes, metal bracelets, bright jewelry of different colors of the rainbow - will be the absolute favorites of this evening. For men, the "street hooligan" style is suitable, which means sneakers, an Adidas tracksuit, a mesh T-shirt, or a checkered shirt in combination with funnel-shaped jeans, or the second image of a "criminal authority", the presence of burgundy jacket and neck chain.
You can choose an image even from the heroes of films/series popular in the 90s, here the main factor is your imagination.
The music must also correspond to that time, and therefore the popular hits of that time will be the work of Tetyana Bulanova, Andrii Gubin, Ivanushka, Hands up, Blyskuchi, etc.
As for treats, the favorites here will be the same traditional Olivier salads, Herring under a fur coat, Salad with crab sticks, salad with quail eggs, crackers, etc. The main dish can be grilled chicken. On the sweet table there is an abundance of all kinds of tropical fruits, which began to appear only in the 90s, as well as simple Prague, Napoleon, and waffle cakes.*
*Note (of course, the menu of dishes and drinks can be adapted to any taste preferences and made appropriate for the customer).
Also, the 90s are considered the beginning of the era of cocktails, original in taste and composition. We will organize a cocktail bar, and our professional bartender will not leave anyone behind!)
The evening will be exciting, and we will help you organize it and prepare an unforgettable entertainment program!