украинские девушки в поле с подсолнухами
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Party in Ukrainian style

Now, more than ever, the most pressing issue of Ukrainization, the spirit of freedom and all-encompassing patriotism, which literally swept over all Ukrainians. Ukrainian traditions, paraphernalia, language, are increasingly becoming a trend in our social life, uniting our fellow citizens into a large Ukrainian family.
That is why we offer to plunge into this atmosphere and get acquainted with the traditions, rituals and customs in more detail.
A party in the style of a Ukrainian Farm will be an unforgettable event of the year, as we will be able to take you to this evening in popular Ukrainian fairy tales, such as "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", "Viy".

вечеринка в украинском стиле

The price is calculated individually. The customer draws up a list of guests present (invited) and we discuss with the customer the theme of the evening and the necessary services (location/restaurant, artists, vocalists, host, hall decor, floristry, logistics, etc.). Based on all the above-mentioned points, an estimate is prepared and agreed with the customer.
In the event that the customer already has a certain budget, we will help organize the event on the desired topic exclusively within the budget.

from 15000 UAH

Guests will be able to transform into such characters as: Witch Solokha, Blacksmith Vakula, Matchmakers, Oksana, Oksana's Girlfriends, Kozak Chub, Viy, Pannochka-Witch, Monk and so on.
Dress code, of course, Ukrainian folk clothes and all the attributes for it:
an embroidered shirt, a chumachka shirt, an embroidered skirt, trousers or trousers with a belt, a corset, a vest, embroidered scarves, a wreath of flowers on the head, a gerdan or coral necklace, a cradle, a hat, a scroll, folk shoes, etc. .
The evening should begin with a meeting of guests. The Ukrainian people are famous for their hospitality and kindness of soul. Your guests will be met at the entrance in national clothes, standing on a towel and holding a Korovai. Guests will immediately be invited to the fun.
Not a single Ukrainian event is complete without songs, dances or games.
We know how to have fun, and the entertainment program will not leave anyone indifferent. We will hold a competition for the Hopak dance, our professional choreographers will teach it to everyone. With the female half of the guests we will have a round dance. The music will be adapted to modern Ukrainian hits.
Based on the number of participants, it is also possible to organize such master classes as clay modeling, weaving of winding dolls, wreaths, amulets, fortune-telling for the betrothed, as well as a competition for the best guest hopak, karaoke with Ukrainian hits.
If the audience is more conservative, you can limit yourself to a music and dance show and interactives from the presenter.
And of course, the evening will be very satisfying, high-calorie and tasty. A real Ukrainian feast cannot do without national dishes: dumplings, potato pancakes, pickles, bacon, jelly with horseradish, borscht, and much more. *
Traditional drinks will be compote, uzvar, fruit drink, kvass, and of course liquors, mead, homemade tinctures. *
*Note (of course, the menu of dishes and drinks can be adapted to any taste preferences and made up suitable for the customer).
The room is suitable for almost any. You can even find a restaurant that is already decorated in the Ukrainian style, which will simplify the process of decoration and decoration a little. However, it is worth paying attention to the details, such as seating charts on the tables, linen tablecloths on the tables, chair covers with embroidery, dishes with authentic handicraft paintings, apple tree branches in vases instead of the usual flower arrangements, towels, a wooden chest in the hall and so on.
We will definitely make your evening colorful!
Slava Ukraine!