Эклектичный стиль в свадьбах
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Eclectic Wedding

One of the most controversial styles will give you the opportunity to create a unique and soulful atmosphere for a wedding. The combination of the best details of several directions in a harmonious sequence creates Eclecticism. Initially born as a movement in architecture, this turbulent mixture has reached the decoration of festive halls and solemn events.

To understand what Eclecticism is, it is enough to look at the work of the genius of creating buildings, the Spaniard Antonio Gaudi. Transform his epic Sagrada Familia in Catalonia into an interior look and enjoy the result. If the picture of what is happening has not yet formed in your imagination, Day & Night managers will help you get the perfect option.

свадьба в эклектичном стиле

Each wedding is an individual project developed by our experts, florists, designers, decorators.

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Connecting puzzles from different sets

It is often mentioned that Eclectic means a combination of incompatible things. However, this is not quite true. A talented designer can flawlessly play on the contrast of details and at the same time combine them into one whole. This direction synthesizes a new picture by mixing several styles. So that the solemn event does not turn into a set of incomprehensible symbols, choosing an eclectic trend, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • you can combine no more than 3 directions;
  • the interior of the hall for the newlyweds must be made in 4-5 primary colors, a kaleidoscope is not allowed;
  • the applied decor elements should have common features in order to easily give out their belonging to a certain vector of art.

A good choice would be a combination of classics, avant-garde and some modern trend. The right selection of components will make a lasting impression on guests. Your wedding will definitely not be the same as everyone else, because Eclecticism provides great opportunities for creativity.

How it works

The starting point for creating the whole environment is the room. It is the theme of the location that indicates what it can be filled with. To create harmony, closed halls are usually chosen. The style of a hunting lodge, oriental traditions or avant-garde has good compatibility. Pair it with something from the Victorian era or antiquity and create a unique image of the celebration.

The next step is the design of the table, here it is necessary to adhere to a single line in furniture, dishes and serving. This also includes the menu.

It is customary to arrange a photo zone in a separate image. Pictures of guests in different places of the wedding hall will not be similar to each other. In this case, the contrast should be smooth, not flashy.

Given the creative environment, the wardrobe of the newlyweds should exclude standard options. It is better to replace the puffy dress of the bride and the strict suit of the groom with something tight-fitting in soothing colors for her and slightly casual for him. Lightness and unobtrusiveness are the companions of Eclecticism. In bouquets and floristry, flowers of light shades, decorated with ribbons, are suitable. An excellent option would be floor vases and wall placement.