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Shabby Chic Wedding

The history of the Shabby Chic style does not even span a century, but it has already managed to fall in love with everyone who prefers to relax, sincerely, cheerfully and with a moderate dose of status consistency. Imagine the combination of the Victorian era and the atmosphere of the North American states at the beginning of the century, and you will feel the main notes of this direction. The sophistication here is neat, there is no excessive brilliance, as a warm atmosphere is created by using stylish things that do not have gloss. Managers of the Day&Night wedding agency will create for you a wedding that all your guests will remember as a standard of sensuality and sincerity.

Shabby Chic reflects the taste of life through a mirror that is very old. The picture in it is alive, albeit peculiar. You will literally be transported to an environment where people appreciated every detail and trifle of their environment, creating it calm and comfortable. Compared to weddings that are organized in modern styles, this option requires a special study of the location and all the details. Then the result is really excellent.


молодожены в стиле шебби шик

Each wedding is an individual project developed by our experts, florists, designers, decorators.

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We create a unique atmosphere

The literal translation of the name of this direction is a shabby gloss. These are eternal values ​​that have lost their brightness over time, but retained their original meaning. There is no place for flashy and dynamic colors, bustle and drive of night clubs. The overall effect is achieved by moderate luxury of all details.

Calm monochromatic shades dominate: beige, pastel, ivory and coffee with milk. Slightly matte gold in accessories and interior is a must. Organic lace, coarse calico, delicate floral patterns for a textile design element.

The location should give the impression of antiquity, but not archaism and primitivism. Guests will be transported to an environment where the neat weaving of jewelry into everyday life was considered a model for high society, here all the details carry a touch of luxury. Other required details include:

  • rich porcelain dishes with paintings or baroque ornaments;
  • floristry of pale lush, but not long roses;
  • slender white candles on the tables of newlyweds and guests;
  • musical accompaniment using classical compositions.

The location of the photo zone is worked out especially carefully. Even one look at such a picture should be enough for a young couple to plunge into the happiest day of their lives again.

When a picture is created from details

Not every institution is suitable for the Shabby Chic event. Although there are quite a few halls that exclude modern elements in the entourage, only the one that can reproduce vintage expensive sentimentality is suitable for your event.

Mandatory white furniture, reminiscent of the fine restaurants of the Italian and French Riviera at the beginning of the century. There should be a lot of flowers decorated with light ribbons. Embroidered embellishments work well. The ideal choice are items and tableware made of metal coated with a layer of silver, as well as massive items that imitate it. This direction is also appropriate for auxiliary dishes: salad bowls, bread bins or sets of spices.

For relaxation and photography, it is desirable to have a separate room, which will contain such pieces of furniture as a wooden chest or chest of drawers, a rocking chair, an old clock, a metal cage with birds. Everything creates a special atmosphere, and black and white photographs emphasize the Shabby Chic style at its best.