классическая свадьба
Wedding Planning

Сlassic wedding

Needless to say, a classic wedding will never go out of style. Neither fad nor era will affect your choice of style. You will be able to blissfully look through your wedding photo albums on your 30th birthday and not regret a single element of your ceremony or reception.

Wedding is one of the most important and exciting days in the life of people who decide to tie the knot. For those who appreciate beauty and do not follow current trends, the best choice is to organize a wedding celebration in a classic style. It is out of competition, time, always relevant.

classic wedding

Each wedding is an individual project developed by our experts, florists, designers, decorators.

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Features of a classic wedding

This type of celebration is characterized by a traditional approach both in organization and in design. Classics can be traced in everything, even in small things:

  • clothes of the young - a snow-white dress of the bride, a black formal suit of the groom;
  • design of all zones (hall, place for a photo shoot, competitions and games, dance floor) in the same style;
  • well-thought-out decor and decorations without frills;
  • wedding multi-tiered cake;
  • color solution - white and its shades: cream, silver, ivory.

Today, many newlyweds prefer to choose delicate color tones, reminiscent of pastels or splashes of champagne. Warm light beige shades with a small admixture of yellow tones (ivory) are in demand.

Invitations for guests

This is a required attribute. For him, it is better to choose high-quality thick paper. Decoupage, embossing, satin ribbons, beads, beads are used as decorations. It is recommended to choose one of the proposed options, then the invitation cards will look elegant and simple at the same time. The tone of the invitation is polite and formal.

Choosing a place for a wedding

If the young people decide to organize a celebration indoors, renting a mansion made in a classic style would be an excellent choice. There is no place for ultra-modern architectural elements. The classic style is emphasized by mirrors, columns, curly railings.

If you plan to hold an event outdoors, a garden with a large number of flower beds, gazebos, fountains, antique-style chairs is suitable.

For decor, fabrics such as satin, silk, organza, fresh flowers, most often roses are used. But the tastes of the bride and groom must be taken into account. Orchids, lilies and even wild flowers are appropriate. They are usually placed in beautiful pots and flowerpots. There must be name cards on the tables for guests, made in the same style as the invitation cards.

Particular attention is paid to the table for the newlyweds. It is decorated with flowers, garlands, bows. The backlight of candles and crystals that can scatter light looks beautiful. Traditionally, a flower arch decorated with balloons, colored ribbons and original garlands is placed at the table of the young. In the fresh air, it is recommended to place tables under awnings or tents. 

Wedding photo session

In order for it to be held at the highest level, you should carefully choose the design that matches the chosen place and style. An important place is played by space, it should be enough to avoid the imposition of some decorations on others. Therefore, you need to find places in advance where the pictures will look luxurious.

In addition, you need to think through many more nuances: the bride's bouquet, contests, gifts, menus, drinks and other details. It is very difficult to cope with the preparation on your own. Young people and their parents should be rested, because this, to some extent, is their holiday. Entrust the preparation of the wedding to professionals - the Day&Night agency, where each employee clearly knows his job and will do everything at the highest level. In this case, the wishes of the bride and groom will be taken into account.