свадьба в минималистическом стиле
Wedding Planning

Wedding in the style of Minimalism

Minimalism has become such a major bridal style trend, and let me tell you, the beauty is in simplicity. A minimalist wedding is a beautiful event that evokes understated elegance.

The vast majority of people, having decided to get married, dream of celebrating this day in the circle of close and dear people. After all, he will remain in memory for a lifetime, as photos and videos will testify. Minimalism is one of the most popular wedding styles today. Its main features are conciseness, simplicity, elegance and sophistication. And this applies to absolutely everything - the attire of the newlyweds, jewelry, venue and other details relevant to this event.

свадьба в стиле минимализм

Each wedding is an individual project developed by our experts, florists, designers, decorators.

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Where to begin

Many wedding planners believe that the starting point is choosing a venue for the event. When choosing banquet halls, studios, restaurants, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • high ceilings;
  • large window openings;
  • in bright colors the interior, it should not be overloaded with details and various kinds of decor;
  • plenty of light, free space.

You can organize an event outdoors or on an open terrace. In this case, a large amount of greenery will be an excellent background. In the evening, it is good to decorate the place with garlands with small light bulbs, candles, lighting fixtures with subdued light.

The color palette is the basis of the Minimal style

The main color is white and its shades - milky, ivory, beige and fashionable today ivory. But that doesn't mean you can't use bright colors. You can, but they serve as contrasting elements of the main color palette.

The bride and groom, who prefer the classics, choose colors that match this style - black and white and its shades.

What is a wedding without flowers?

It is difficult to imagine a celebration, especially a wedding, without flowers. When organizing the style of Minimalism, preference is given to small flower arrangements. They should look gentle, elegant. For example, a few branches in an elegant vase. And use as much greenery as possible, which will give freshness, lightness. The color scheme is mostly pastel shades.

Outfits for young people and their guests

When organizing a wedding in the style of Minimalism, you need to think about the outfits:

  • For the groom, consider a smart, tailored suit. A black tuxedo is considered ideal.
  • The bride is recommended to choose a simple white dress with a small amount of jewelry, no ruffles, lace, stones.
  • You can do without accessories at all, or they should be elegant, unobtrusive, emphasize the clarity and severity of lines.
  • For guests, strict outfits made in a classic style are welcome.

Of course, you can not do without invitation cards. They contain basic information: where and when the solemn event will take place. Here you can also write about the style of the wedding, subtly hinting to guests about what outfit to choose.

In advance, you need to think over the menu, which should contain simple, but with a twist, dishes. We should not forget about the variety on the table and there should be meat and fish snacks, vegetables, fruits, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Preparing for a wedding requires a lot of time, effort, patience and knowledge. Especially if you plan to invite a lot of guests. This task can be easily handled by Day&Night wedding agency employees who have the necessary knowledge and experience in organizing such events. Any wish of the bride and groom will be taken into account.